MIXNINE: EP. 4 Current Rankings (Contains Spoilers for First Evaluation!)

171119: Online Vote Ranking
#4: Kim Minji (JiU)
#12: Kim Yoohyeon
#14: Lee Siyeon
#23: Lee Yoobin (Dami)

171119: Female Ranking #20 thru #49 
#27: Lee Siyeon
#30: Lee Yoobin
#34: Kim Yoohyeon
* Top 19 will be revealed next week. 

Spoilers for the first evaluation (team names, songs & members + a bit more) can be found below the “Read More” tag in case you do not want to see them!

[spoiler title=’Read More’]

ROUND 3 (Vocal)
Team Shining Girls

Yoohyeon (Dreamcatcher) 
Youngseo (RBW)
Siyeon (Star Empire)
Hyungsuk (2EYES)
Woolim (Playback)
Minkyung (High Color)
Seungmi (Major9)
Jiyoon (FAVE)
Yuri (RBW)
Suyeon (Tajoy)
Seungyoo (Start)

Song: It Hurts – 2NE1

ROUND 4 (Dance)
Team Benefit

Ryujin (JYP)
ZU (A-Daily)
Rui (H.U.B)
JiU (Dreamcatcher) 
Suhyun (Major9)
Hayoon (Bonus Baby)
Heesoo (Eleven9)
Yesol (Black Mamba)
Gaeun (The Ent. Pascal)
Youngchae (Black Mamba)
Sungeun (RBW)

Song: Boombayah – BLACKPINK

JiU was the leader for this team and was praised by YG for her dancing skills.
YG also said that this was the “best MIXNINE battle ever.”

ROUND 7 (Rap) 
Team 9ood 9irl

Dami (Dreamcatcher) 
Haeyoung (A.DE)
Suhyun (FAVE)
Hyeonjeong (Berry Good)
Jieun (Music Works)
Chohyeon (SeeArt)
JoA (SeeArt)

Song: My Number – Cheetah

ROUND 8 (Vocal) 
Team Frontal Breakthrough

Siyeon (Dreamcatcher)
Yoonji (Star Empire)
Hyokyung (Star Empire)
Junghee (Favorite)
Yeim (A100)
Inhye (CS)
Jieun (Double V)
Juhyun (Choon)
Jimin (Mystic)
Sujeong (High Color)

Song: Singing Got Better – Ailee

Trans.: ManuBlinkVIP


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