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Whosfan App

Hanteo News published an article and the video that Dreamcatcher has sent celebrating the launching of global K-Pop fandom platform, ‘Whosfan’ mobile app.

The full video can be found on ‘Whosfan’ app, and Dreamcatcher’s Star Ranking points will go up for every view of the video. There are several videos and news articles on Dreamcatcher on the app that InSomnias can enjoy! Dreamcatcher’s Star Chart Ranking also goes up with the posts from the fans.

Enjoy the fan activities with other fans and help Dreamcatcher to place 1st on the chart! Once Dreamcatcher tops the Star Chart, Whosfan will publish news articles, put ads in public spaces, and hold events to promote Dreamcatcher even more. You can also use the services from Hanteo Chart in not only Korean but also in English and Spanish.



download the 'Whosfan' app from HANTEOGLOBAL (google play link)


after opening the app, click the login button

login with your social media account of choice

type "드림캐쳐/dreamcatcher" to select your star

to receive more credits, enter a reference code from someone you know (or you can use the 7D reference: TF597451)

on your profile, you can authenticate your purchase by selecting 'my albums' and scanning the code

in the chart section you can follow the 'star', 'album' and 'global' chart in real time, as well as daily and weekly positions

you can check the latest news and read articles of your favourite artist

when selecting an article, you can scroll to the bottom and add a point for dreamcatcher

when going to the artist's page, you can see the latest info, videos, schedule and write messages in the 'fan' section

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3 years ago

1. After you open the app and skip all the intro slides, you actually start on the Hanteo Chart page. 2. Hit the My Page (little person) icon in the bottom right and hit Please log In. 3. Log in through the social media account of your choice and tap the check boxes to accept the Terms & Conditions as you go. ******* AUTHENTICATING an ALBUM: 1. Once logged in, go to My Page and tap on My Albums. 2. Tap on Authenticate an Album on the bottom. 3. Scan the QR code on the top right of the Hanteo… Read more »