How to level up to InSomnia 1st gen in the Fancafe


This is Dreamcatcher’s Fanclub Manager.

Here is how to level up to InSomnia 1st gen in the Fancafe

For those of you who signed up for Dreamcatcher’s official fanclub InSomnia 1st gen, please read the following notice and apply for a level up.


Application period

Dec 23 2019 (KST) ~  Jan 24th 2020 11:59 PM (KST)


How to apply

① Before applying, read through this notice again!

② Once you’ve read the notice again, enter on the board [InSomnia 1기 등업신청] (InSomnia 1st gen level up application)

③ After filling it out according to the format provided, click on the secret post button (lock shape)

④ Read through the post again, then upload!


[Level up application Format]

Name/Date of Birth 1 /Reservation No. 2 /Membership No./ The Daum ID you entered during fan club signup 3 (click on the secret post button)

* If you are using an integrated Kakao account, write both your Daum ID and your Kakao ID. (Not your nickname)

* Only regular members of the cafe can apply for a level up. Junior members should apply for regular membership first.

* Posts that aren’t marked secret will be deleted without notice.

1 Date of Birth should be put as YYMMDD

2 Reservation No. refers to the Ticket Number which can be found on the Melon Ticket website, should start with M_

3 If you don’t remember your Daum ID written you can go to the Melon Ticket website, ‘My Ticket’ and click on reservation details


Level up rejection criterion

1) Nicknames that are against the rules

– Please check if your current nickname fits the fancafe nickname rules.

(1) Nicknames should be within 8 characters in pure Hangul, or within 10 characters in English.

(2) For nicknames with a combination of Hangul, numbers, and English, they should be within 10 characters (they need to be readable)

(2) Don’t use ‘alien language'(nonsensical nicknames), spaces, solitary vowels or consonants in Hangul, Chinese characters, Japanese, special characters, swear words, or suggestive language.

(4) Nicknames referencing other artists/fandoms aren’t allowed

(5) The real names of Dreamcatcher members or the team name without other additions

(6) Nicknames that may be mistaken for staff members, company employees, or family members are not allowed

(7) If the nickname is altered to go against these rules after leveling up to InSomnia 1st gen, you will be demoted without notice


For more information, please check [Dreamcatcher official Fancafe overall notices]


2) Profile settings

(1) Member information(ID(Email), Gender/age, Last visit) should be set to be visible to Managers (if these are set to private, you will be demoted without notice)

(2) Email/Group message receive settings need to be set to ‘receive’

– Check if your profile settings fit the rules as seen in the photo below


3) Cases when the application is filed wrongly

(1) The level up application doesn’t match the information given during InSomnia 1st gen signup

(2) Submitting the nickname or real name instead of the ‘Daum ID you entered during FanClub signup’

(3) The account isn’t yours

– Level ups are performed in the order of submission of the application, and going through the information of all those who signed up for InSomnia 1st gen may take some time. We ask for your kind understanding.

For posts that get sent to [InSomnia 1기 등업리턴] (InSomnia 1st gen Level up rejection), we will not post the reason for the rejection, so please read this notice before submitting your application.

Thank you.


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