Dreamcatcher NFT Collection to be Released

Dreamcatcher NFT Collection to be Released
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Photo courtesy of Dreamcatcher Company.

ENTERBUTTON (ENTC) and Dreamcatcher Company announced a partnership and the coming release of an NFT collection for the girl group ‘Dreamcatcher’.

Set to be minted and sold on the 20th of April, the ENTC NFT collection “Remember Me – Dreamcatcher ‘ is a hyper-quality PFP NFT collection that embodies the image of the individual members, who are dream fairies who catch nightmares in the group’s world-building, as well as the identity of the group as a whole. Dream Connect symbolizes the connection between them, as one can own the dream fairies like good luck charms via NFT purchases.

The collection is catching the eyes of many, as it is set to showcase the unique group identity of Dreamcatcher as well as the charm of the members to the world via NFTs.

ENTC NFT collections have grown into the industry leaders of K-Pop IP based NFTs within the OpenSea Ethereum project, with their first collections of Baek A-yeon, god Kim Tae-woo, SS501 Kim Hyungjun, Jung Sang-soo and more selling out immediately after their release.

ENTC commented, “We are glad to be releasing an NFT collection for Dreamcatcher, who is expanding their world-building utilizing a team color that nobody else can emulate”, “We will make sure to amply showcase the Dreamcatcher identity to provide NFT collectors and those who love Dreamcatcher with hyper-quality pieces.”

In order to expand the eco-system of NFT collections and to reinforce the true meaning of the release of artist NFTs, ENTC also plans to reveal perks for exisitng NFT owners and fans including pre-sale airdrops, before the sale begins.

The specifications of the Dreamcatcher NFT collection and the dates for the airdrops will be revealed on the 18th of April.

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