Dreamcatcher Members Confirmed to Leave MIXNINE

The four members of Dreamcatcher participating in “MIXNINE” have been confirmed to leave the show.

Earlier in the day, it had been reported that they will not be participating in the upcoming mission.

On December 11, their agency Happyface Entertainment released a statement announcing, “Dreamcatcher members JiU (Kim Minji), Siyeon (Lee Siyeon), Yoohyeon (Kim Yoohyeon), and Dami (Lee Yoobin) have decided to leave the program after a mutual agreement with the ‘MIXNINE’ production team.”

Due to their tour in Brazil, which was scheduled before the start of the program, they were unable to participate in a mission. Happyface Entertainment and the “MIXNINE” production team worked to balance their schedules abroad with their appearance in the program.

However, the decision was made for the Dreamcatcher members to leave the program to avoid any harm for the production team and other contestants, as it could cause difficulty for the fairness of the program.

The statement then ensured that they will continue to support “MIXNINE” and concluded, “Happyface Entertainment and Dreamcatcher promise to always show our best effort to give back to your love.”

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5 years ago

Thank goodness! Their talent was utterly wasted on that show. Plus one can only imagine how frustrating it must have been to once again be treated like a trainee, ignoring their skill and experience gained in the past years. Mixnine might have been a chance to get more recognition in Korea, however according to ratings noone actually watched the show. Good riddance!

5 years ago

Good. They’re taking the high road showing the general public they’re leaving this messy, poorly-edited flopped show to do important activities like touring. They already got what they could from this show, putting any more effort into this mess could hinder them.