Dreamcatcher, Maknae Gahyeon’s Teasers Are Released.. Fairy Beauty

Rookie group Dreamcatcher’s member Gahyeon has been revealed.
The company Happy Face Entertainment posted Gahyeon’s concept cut on the official Dreamcatcher website at midnight on December 5th.
In the photo, Gahyeon is sitting in anticipation near a tree while showing off refreshing beauty with the backdrop of a green forest. Her appearance that is just like a forest fairy captures your gaze.
A company representative reported, “As the team’s maknae, Gahyeon is receiving attention with her youthful personality and cuteness.
In addition, they also added, “Even after the release of the Day Versions, we are preparing various photos and videos for you guys,” and, “Especially in the photos and videos, secret messages are included to hint at the team name and title song, so please give a lot of expectation and interest.”
Meanwhile, the last Dreamcatcher member’s concept cut is expected to be released at midnight on the 6th of December.

Source: Naver

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