Dreamcatcher’s Veil Removed… 7th Member Yoohyeon Revealed


Group Dreamcatcher’s veil has been fully removed. Finally, the concept photos of the members are finished, ending with Yoohyeon.
Happy Face Entertainment released Yoohyeon’s concept teaser on the 6th at midnight this morning.
In the photo Yoohyeon is seen wearing a white dress with a pure charm, like the other members she is in front of a blue, dreamy forest. Her blonde hair differentiates herself from the others with a exotic a curious atmosphere.
Dreamcatcher began releasing member concept teasers on the 30th of last month with Ji-U. The group is planned to begin releasing more information with their debut now that the release of the day concept teasers have been finished. Their unexpected genre and music style still leaves curiosity for the group.
A Dreamcatcher official stated: “More content will be released in the future regarding the name and keys to solve the mystery of the title song.”
Currently Dreamcatcher is planning to release a debut album in January of next year under Happy Face Entertainment, with ambitious hopes of becoming a girl group that attracts many fans.

Source: Naver

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