01 Dec 2016 Dreamcatcher, Chinese Member Handong Revealed… ‘Only Foreign Member’

[X Sports News Reporter Jung Jiwon] Dreamcatcher’s Chinese member Handong, who found Korea for her dream, has been revealed.
On December 1st at midnight, Happy Face Entertainment posted Handong’s concept cut on the official website.
In the pictures, Handong is staring at the camera while showing off shining beauty. Handong, who wears a white tone dress in a green forest, captivates the eyes combined with a strange charm.
An official from Dreamcatcher’s side revealed, “Chinese Handong is Dreamcatcher’s only foreign member. She has been sweating beads together with the other members for debut. To her best ability during preparation, we’re sure she’ll receive a great deal of love from you guys.”
Having opened the Dreamcatcher members as of now Jiu and Handong’s photos, the remaining members’ photos will be released one at a time at midnight each day through the official homepage. Happy Face Entertainment urged anticipation by saying, “They will bring a new energy to the music industry with unexpected genres and musical colors.

Source: Naver

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