24 May 2021 Dreamcatcher, launches their first reality show 4 years after debuting [official plan]

The group Dreamcatcher will meet fans through their first independent reality show. On the 24th the agency DCC revealed that on the coming 26th, Dreamcatcher (JU, SA, SY, HD, YH, DM, GH)  will present their first reality show. The show will be made up of a total 10-episode web variety content. It will be presented through Dreamcatcher ’s official YT channel, every Wednesday at 8pm KST.

We can expect to see Dreamcatcher ’s large amount of hidden charms through their first reality show. In the 4 years after debuting, through Idol Room, Weekly Idol, other variety shows and self-produced content, Dreamcatcher showed their enjoyable variety vibes with 7 members, 7 sides, 7 individuals and charm, and we expect to see them showing Insomnia (fanclub) their various chemistry between members. 

Dreamcatcher, who debuted in 2017, has a foundation in strong fictional worlds and rock sound. Dreamcatcher has constructed unique music and performances. Especially in this past January’s Dystopia : Road to Utopia, which has a record of selling more than 100,000 albums. We can expect Dreamcatcher to take off as the best girl group, and become more active in the future. 

What’s more, this past March, Dreamcatcher’s 4th Japanese single ‘Eclipse’ was released. Dreamcatcher also participated in KCON:TACT 3, gathering special memories with fans. Even more, Dreamcatcher had an independent online concert CROSSROADS, reaching out to 20,000 Somnias. Dreamcatcher’s popularity was realized through domestic and international fans mingling together. 

Like this, Dreamcatcher has accumulated a strong filmography. What kind of stories will unfold through their first reality show? We’ll keep an eye on that. 

So, Dreamcatcher’s first reality show can be enjoyed on their official YT account every Wednesday starting on the 26th.

Source: news.naver
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