Nov 2019 Myojo December issue “Dreamcatcher, the K-pop girl group known for rock sounds, releases their 1st Japanese album “The Beginning Of The End””

While Korea has many cute girl groups, Dreamcatcher debuted on January 2017, featuring a unique ‘Nightmare” concept. They’ve drawn the attention of a worldwide audience with their intense metal rock sounds and amazing performances! Their 1st Japanese album ‘The Beginning Of The End” is on sale now with great reviews.

They did have some difficulties, they say. “We recorded the album in mid-summer. But to avoid noise, we did it without air conditioning. We were sweating all over.”(Dami)

“In the MV of the lead track ‘Breaking Out’, there’s a scene where the members had to gaze at each other and reach out, expressing ‘longing’. I kept my eyes beneath the nose of my partners to stop myself from laughing.” (Sua)

The finished album includes 12 tracks in total, including Japanese versions of their songs released in Korea, as well as original tracks written by Japanese songwriters. They seemed happy to have released an acceptable album.

“I’m so excited!”(Handong)

They said their great weapon is “our impactful on-stage presence”(Yoohyeon).

They said “Since our trainee days, before our debut, we repeated the basics of dance moves countless, countless times. Now, thanks to those days, we don’t need much time to sync our dancing perfectly.”(JIU), revealing the secret behind their well synced performances.

While stoically practicing repeatedly, working on their performance, in Korea, they are living together in a dormitory. They told us about their crowded life together.

“Me and Siyeon and Dami, Sua and Yoohyeon, Handong and Gahyeon are roommates.”(JIU)

“During summer, we keep the air conditioning on high, so it can get cold.” (Siyeon)

“Our room is filled with stuff. The double-decked bed has clothes hanging off it like curtains.” (Gahyeon)

“Nobody else does it. I’m always the one cleaning the toilet!”(Sua)

The gap between their on-stage charisma and their cuteness off of it is charming. “Our charm is that once you see us, you can’t forget about us. Please check us out!” (JIU)


Born Oct 1st `95. Blood type A. Height 166cm. “I’m the main vocal and the wolf of Dreamcatcher, Siyeon. My hobby is monitoring our performance videos that are focused on myself. The food I like is onions. I rest while listening to music.”

Born March 7th `97. Blood type A. Height 163cm. “I’m the main rapper, Dami. To sum myself up in one sentence, I’m a panda-like person. My hobby is writing lyrics and composing music, and the food I like is sweet potatoes. I go shopping to refresh myself!”

GahyeonBorn February 3rd `99. Blood type AB. Height 160cm. “I’m the lovely Maknae Gahyeon. To sum myself up in one word, it’d probably be “cute”. (Laugh) My hobby is relying on someone and giving massages. I love sukiyaki”

Born March 26th `96. Blood type O. Height 165cm. “I’m the cat of Dreamcatcher, Handong. My hobby is taking care of my teeth, but I also love “dirty chocolate bread”, with so much chocolate on it that it makes the area around your mouth black.”

Born May 17th `94. Blood type B. Height 167cm. “I’m the leader and charisma bunny Jiu. My hobby is watching romance films like “About Time”. The food I like is beef brisket.”

Born August 10th `94. Blood type O. Height 162cm. “I’m the main dancer, and the one called queen, Sua. My hobby is collecting perfumes. Recently, I bought a perfume in a 1-liter bottle! The food I like is “An Butter”.”

Born January 7th `97. Height 168cm. “I’m the puppy of Dreamcatcher, Yoohyeon. My hobby is studying English, and the food I like is ramen. When I want to relieve stress, I eat spicy foods and watch horror films.”


In the September 12th showcase, they performed 8 tracks including the encore. They sang passionately and powerfully in a transparent high-tone voice. The dances were also very polished, and each movement felt sharp.


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