18 Sept 2019 Raid of Dream Release Interview

SPECIAL Dreamcatcher, special mini-album [Raid of Dream] Comeback!

The group of ‘seven nightmares’, Dreamcatcher, have made thier first comeback in 6 months with the special mini-album [Raid of Dream].

In particular, this album is a collaboration with the game Kings Raid so please check that out as well~

The world-feel of the game Kings Raid matches nicely with the unique ton and manner of Dreamcatcher while still fully opening the door to new sides of the group.

We are happy to announce that Genie Music was able to interview Dreamcatcher about this album.

Shall we check that out?

“Two moons rising in the night sky…” Dreamcatcher and Kings Raid made a very special world

Dreamcatcher’s special mini-album [Raid of Dream]

A special gift has arrived for the InSomnia from all over the world. Dreamcatcher’s special mini-album [Raid of Dream] is exactly that.  Together with King’s Raid, these girls have created a unique and different world.

[Raid of Dream] and the title track, ‘데자부 (Deja Vu)’, melt and blend nicely with the dream like image that King’s Raid is known for. . The theme of King’s Raid’s main story expresses a sad confrontation, a drifting feeling and the challenge to a single existence and a goal that cannot be given up when questioned or messed with in the confusion of dreams within dreams.

The world-feel of the game Kings Raid matches nicely with the unique ton and manner of Dreamcatcher while still fully opening the door to new sides of the group.

The overall composition of the album is also different.  The title track ‘데자부 (Deja Vu)’ unfolds a new world with the special elements of King’s Raid, Dreamcatcher were able to melt their usual Nightmare story with the rest of the King’s Raid story through the inclusion of the side tracks.

To that end, the production team that has previously worked with Dreamcatcher were involved once again.  Since their debut, they have been cultivating a “nightmare” story that is the work of producers LEEZ and Ollounder and they made sure to add that musical coloring to this new mini-album and the new world they created with it.  This results in a new special mini-album that has a familiar but new charm.

The Nightmare Series ends with [The End of Nightmare]for Dreamcatcher.  As they prepare to make a new story, the girls invert the story. That’s the special mini-album [Raid of Dream].  Now it is time to travel to the curious world created by Dreamcatcher and King’s Raid.


INTERVIEW Dreamcatcher [Raid of Dream] Release Interview


Please give a greeting to our Genie Music followers.

Hello.  We are JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami, Gahyeon from Dreamcatcher who are making our comeback with the special mini-album [Raid of Dream].  It is our first comeback in 6 months so it has been a while!



You’re making your comeback with the mini-album [Raid of Dream] so please introduce the album and the title track from it, Deja Vu, please.

JiU: This time our title track is being used as the theme song for the main story of the game Kings Raid and has a sad confrontation and drowsy tone.  It gave us the challenge to try and express the image of the confusion of dreams within dreams and having a goal that you can’t give up on, no matter how you are interrogated.  Deja Vu starts off lightly with piano but steadily grows into Dreamcatcher’s signature metal sound to be a very cool song! 


The first time I heard the demo for Deja Vu, I thought it was very good but also different from our previous title tracks!I  It starts off really sad but within that is is a toughness you could say… The instrumental plus the choreography make for a song that just goes straight into your heart.


SuA: It is a song that shows off Dreamcatcher’s signature colors but also shows the other colors of us with the aimless piano.  While listening to it, I thought “wow this is for sure a Dreamcatcher song” haha


Siyeon: This album contains the promises of people who are trying to always keep moving despite being stuck in an endless, painful sense of deja vu. In my opinion, this is a single song that has a variety of emotions to show off so I hope you all have high expectations.


Handong: It is a song that nicely suits the beautiful piano and strong metal.


Yoohyeon: In my personal opinion, because this is a collaboration with the game Kings Raid, we tried hard to make a song that has the feel of their game but if you think about it, it still has our heavy sounds to color it.


Dami: Yes, that’s right.  This is a song that gets to show many of the different sides of the members of Dreamcatcher.


Gahyeon:  It’s the promise of someone who wants to give up on everything!!  I would mmm…I would like people to anticipate seeing these good, new sides of Dreamcatcher!!



I heard that this album is in collaboration with the game Kings Raid. How did that impact the concept or the shooting of the album jacket or the music video?  Please tell me if you have any behind-the-scenes episodes from filming.


JiU: This time I was inside a coffin surrounded by flowers and it was very snug so I couldn’t move.  That was frustrating! It kind of hurt my neck but I got to show off my acting skills since I needed to look like I was deeply sleeping. Haha


SuA: The story that Kings Raid wanted to tell was not that much different from the stories we usually are telling.  There weren’t any largely different parts or elements but it was a little bit more grand such as the big heights and the fire.  We were still able to film it nicely. I have that type of behind stories to tell.


Siyeon: We got to use a lot of different new props like weapons and thrones so I kept thinking to myself how fantasy-like it all was. I got to film while jumping on a trampoline which was so much fun but was also hard.  We had to do it twenty times so I must have lost weight (from the exertion). haha 


Handong: While we were filming, because of the way the set looked I kept feeling like I was a character in a game myself.


Yoohyeon: Yes, firsty it was the first time I got to use a sword.  It was so much fun and strange getting to dance around like I was a character in the video game!


Dami: The world of Kings Raid and our image really match so I had a lot of fun filming for this.  It was great fun to get to see the big castle and the throne sets being destroyed with the progression of the story.


Gahyeon: The story of this music video felt more rich than some full-length films.  I think it was so much fun!!


In this music video,  Yoohyeon and JiU had a confrontation.  Please explain some more about what that was like.

JiU: In this music video’s storyline, Yoohyeon and I get in this big confrontation.  It is kind of like we both are trying to protect eachother from herself? Haha. And we each have our own set of misunderstandings! It is like that. Please think of it like that hehe.


Yoohyeon: In this album, I think that JiU is the villain because of the sense of deja vu.  I turn out to actually be the bad guy, though. The contrast between the makeup and clothing designs made this really stand out and better build up the atmosphere of the album.



This album has six tracks so we are looking forward to the side-track.  Please tell us any stories you have from while recording.

JiU: I have a memory from while we were recording ‘북극성’ (Polaris)! On the day that we recorded ‘북극성’it was such a good song that I didn’t even realize that I had practiced singing it until midnight When we actually recorded it, it went so well that the composers and writers of the song were pleased.  Being able to show a song like that made me so happy! It is a song of which I am so proud that I almost cried listening to it.


SuA: I like the title track ‘Deja Vu’ and ‘Silent Night’. This time, because there are so many songs, I had to mix my breathing practices up but that was hard so I remember needing to really call upon the strength the food I ate.


Siyeon: This album is honestly just full of great songs which I am thankful for.  I like them all so I can’t pick just one.


Handong: I like ‘북극성’ and feel like I’ve been healed whenever I listen to it.


Yoohyeon: I personally think that ‘Silent Night’ is the best song.   When I first heard it, with the twist ending, I was so excited that my shoulders started to dance! I think the song having a twist like that is par for the course of being a Dreamcatcher song.


Dami: I like ‘북극성’.  I like it because you can really feel the emotions the members are putting into it.


Gahyeon: I like ‘거미의 저주’ (Curse of the Spider’s Web)!  It was really hard to record so maybe that’s why…haha. It was that much of a challenge that I am happy it came out so well



I also heard that Dreamcatcher recently started their official fanclub!  Please comfortably tell us any feelings you have about this or any messages you have for the fans about this.


JiU: For the first time in our two years since debuting, we have gotten an official fanclub now.  We are so happy and excited to have something that was like a dream now be our reality and to now have this almost second family.  I would like to always live in this type of happiness❤ As always, thank you!


SuA: Since the application for the first generation of our fanclub has opened, I am so excited and have a lot of things I want to do with them all and I look forward to doing them all so I hope for lots of our Somnias apply to join!


Siyeon: The application for the first generation is now open, something I have wanted and waited for a very long time for, so I hope you all, like me, are happy! We will have lots of fun, I promise you will not regret it!


Handong: We finally have our official fanclub!  I look forward to you all participating and promise that we will use it to live up to your expectations.


Yoohyeon: Oh! Yes! We opened the first generation of applications!!ㅠㅠ It is so unreal. I remember seeing other groups opening the first generation of their fanclubs while growing up and now I get to actually start one myself…I promise to make this a special place for all of us to be happy together and to not disappoint the fans!  I love you!


Dami: Because we are finally getting our official fanclub, I promise we will work hard as Dreamcatcher to live up to that responsibility!  Let us be together for a very, very long time.


Gahyeon: I’ve wanted to see our fans for so long!! I want to stack up lots of memories together~~ I want to always be a singer you can be proud of so I will continue working hard. ><



Lastly, please give a final message to the viewers of Genie Music and promote your album a little bit.


JiU: Subscribers of Genie Music! I always love our Dreamcatcher songs but this time, we are coming back with another charming song, ‘데자부(Deja Vu)’! I would be very happy if you could listen to it lots!❤ You’re going to go listen to it now ^-^?? Thank you so much!


SuA:. If you fall in love with Dreamcatcher’s ‘데자부(Deja Vu)’, we will be in charge of your ears from now on.


Siyeon: Dreamcatcher really are an okay group! Please make sure to check out and not miss this album that is chock full of good songs and catch intros!


Handong: Dreamcatcher has made their comeback with the song ‘데자부(Deja Vu)’. Please love it lots!


Yoohyeon: Our Dreamcatcher Deja Vu Deja Vu Deja Vu Deja Vu~ it is going to be stuck in your head it seems.  Deja Vu Deja Vu


Dami: Dreamcatcher has come back with our song ‘데자부(Deja Vu)’ by the way! This time, like always, we will be coming back with a cool performance so please love it and support it lots!


Gahyeon: Genie Music subscribers~ DC has come back ~~~ Yoohoo~ The same amount of energy that went into missing us has also been put into making this a good song!! Please love it lots! Please also listen to the coupling tracks


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