08 Nov 2019 “Dreamcatcher stands tall as a “global idol”, successfully concludes 2nd European 7-country tour”

Dreamcatcher stood tall as a “global idol” with the support of European InSomnias.

On November 7th, Dreamcatcher finished the final show of their 7-country Europe tour “Dreamcatcher Concert: Invitation from Nightmare City in Europe” in Helsinki, concluding their 15-day journey.

Last month, on the 24th, Dreamcatcher began their 2nd Europe tour in London. Since then, they toured through Milan, Italy, Berlin, Germany, Warsaw, Poland, Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Helsinki, Finland, sharing passionate experiences with approximately 10000 European fans.

Dreamcatcher showcased their “Nightmare” Series on stage in their Europe tour. From “Chase Me”, their debut track, to “PIRI”, which signalled the end of the “Nightmare series”, fans in each country received their unique fantasy story with enthusiasm.

Dreamcatcher presented a different side from their usual style, giving fans the not-too common chance to hear them perform their B-side tracks live, as well as various cover songs and unit performances. They also made special memories with European InSomnias performing fan songs such as “Full Moon” and “Over the Sky”

We are told that the passion towards the group shown by the European fans exceeded all expectations. Not only did they sing along loudly, ringing the venues, they also made Dreamcatcher happy with events where loving messages for Dreamcatcher were written on the flags of each country.

After concluding their Europe tour, Dreamcatcher commented “We are truly thankful for our European fans who welcomed us back with even hotter passion.” “We’ll cherish the love you gave us and will continue to do our best as Dreamcatcher.”

Dreamcatcher’s activities don’t stop here. After a brief break, Dreamcatcher is set to go on a 10 day tour concert through 5 US cities, “Invitation from Nightmare City in USA”, meeting an ever growing number of fans.

source: http://star.fnnews.com/archives/805528

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