Dec 2018 Haruhana Interview: Don’t you want to see cute nightmares?

Don’t you want to see cute nightmares?

The members all look half asleep in the morning?!

Dreamcatcher finally made their Japanese debut with the single ‘What -Japanese ver.-‘.


—How do you feel after your Japanese debut?

JiU: It still doesn’t feel like reality, but I am looking forward to the Japanese InSomnias(fans) singing our Japanese songs in unison during our live shows.

Dami: I got advice from a friend who had debuted in Japan earlier. They said “you just need to enjoy it, just like in Korea.” I want to enjoy myself a lot.

Yoohyeon: I think communication is very important, so I’m working hard on learning Japanese-!


—What are some points that you want people to notice in ‘What -Japanese ver.-‘?

Sua: The songs listed in the single such as the Japanese versions of ‘What’ and ‘Chase Me’ give off different vibes compared to the Korean versions. Please note the differences in the mood.

Siyeon: In the lyrics of ‘Chase Me’, there’s a part that goes ‘Arashi mitai (TL’s note: ‘like a storm’, or ‘Like Arashi’). I thought it meant Arashi, the Japanese group. (Laugh) I learned that Arashi means ‘storm’ during the recording and thought ‘Ah, So that’s what it means.’ That’s an episode. (Laugh)


—The regular version includes the original Japanese song ‘I miss you’. What kind of song is it?

Handong: It’s a bright song that will keep its melodyline ringing in your ear. But the lyrics contain emotional, sad parts as well. I think it’s a song that feels Japanese.

Gahyeon: The mood of the song is different from our music up till now, so I was worried about how to sing it. But the composer told me that ‘if you sing brightly, it’ll be fine’. After that, I was able to relax as I sang it.


—Like the title of your song, was there something recent that made you go ‘What’ because it was surprising or because you couldn’t wrap your head around it?

JiU: Usually, I don’t fall asleep easily. But during our Korean promotions, we weren’t getting a lot of sleep so we’d fall asleep very quickly. That was surprising.

Siyeon: Especially Gahyeon and Yoohyeon. They fall asleep as soon as they sit down. We’d be talking one minute, and then I’d look and find them asleep in the next. (Laugh) I can’t fall asleep unless it’s on a bed, so I was surprised!

Sua: When fans come and cheer for us, I’m always very conscious of the time they have to get up to prepare, and also about how they will return home. We get around by car, but the fans are really amazing. They cheer for us from early in the morning to late in the night, so we’re very thankful.

Dami: I was playing a racing game on my smartphone, but I’d get disconnected from the network whenever I got first place at the beginning of the race. It kept happening even though I tried multiple times, so that was troublesome.

Yoohyeon: I recently lost my earphones. And they were expensive ones that I had to convince myself to buy… (Cry)

Gahyeon: I too dropped my phone, and the back of it broke. Later, the perfume bottle in my bag broke, spreading its scent…

Handong: I lost my wallet recently. I can’t figure out when and where I lost it. (Cry)


—Like in the lyrics, tell us how each member is as she wakes up.

JiU: Everyone only gets half awake.. (Laugh) But Dami wakes up straight away.

Dami: I get surprised and wake up just by the vibration of the alarm. JiU unnie wakes up after we call her name out loud three times, going ‘JiU unnie~’.

JiU: Yoohyeon gets up on her own, but then she falls back asleep before you know it.

Yoohyeon: The one who keeps sleeping till late is Gahyeon. The members always have to wake her up.

Gahyeon: Handong unnie wakes up later than I do~ We’re roommates, but even after setting multiple alarms, she still can’t get up to turn them off.

Handong: I set multiple alarms because I feel uncertain~ Gahyeon can’t wake up unless someone shakes her physically.

Sua: Siyeon wakes up with the alarm, but then looks vacant.

Siyeon: Yeah. For about an hour after opening my eyes, it’s like my body’s awake but my head isn’t yet. (Laugh) Sua unnie washes her face right after she wakes up and gets prepared for the day properly.

Sua: It’s because I wake up right before we have to leave. I have to get prepared fast. (Laugh)


“What” I love

What Dreamcatcher likes

Relating to ‘What’, we had Dreamcatcher tell us about the things they like, as well as what they like about the fans and the group!

includes balloon self portraits

Q1. What food do you like?
Q2. What animal do you like? Q
3. What saying do you like?
Q4. What do you like about the InSomnias?
Q5. What do you like about Dreamcatcher?


born on 1997 January 7th

‘I like how honest the members are’

Portrait point

Fans draw me like this in their fanarts, but I couldn’t draw it very well. What stands out is how close my eyes and eyebrows are to each other.

A1 Ichiran ramen. I like spicy foods, so I tried the ramen that’s 9 times hotter than the standard one. It still wasn’t that hot.

A2 I think dogs are the best partners for humans. They give you endless affection.

A3 My motto is “There is no end in learning”

The saying, ‘there is no end to learning’ is my motto. As I age, I want to continue living without forgetting to learn.

A4 I’m happy that they love me, and I’m always thankful. When they come to see us, I think how difficult it must be for them, so I’m thankful.

A5 I like how honest they are and don’t hide what they really think. We may have a scary image, but we’re all kind.



Born on August 10th 1994

‘Curious about everything! I want to try anything!’

Portrait point

Drawing eyes, nose, and mouths to be big is the secret to drawing memorable drawings. So when I drew it, I emphasized my double eyelids and my high nose as much as possible!

A1 A hamburger set. (Laugh) I never get tired of eating them no matter how many I eat. They’re so good. The drink has to be Cola!

A2 I like elephants. They are very wise. Also, I think they have an amazing presence.

A3 ‘Try everything that I want to do!’

‘Try everything that I want to do’. I’m curious about everything. I’m interested in doing my bangs these days, so I carry hair spray around with me. I also want to try driving.

A4 I’m happy just to see them smile when they see me. Them cheering for us in a large voice and telling me that I’m pretty also make me happy.

A5 They’re considerate, they help each other do things that can’t be done alone, each member has her own good points.



Born on May 17th 1994

‘I’m happy thanks to the cheering of the fans.’

Portrait point

Part the bangs and draw a face beneath it. Once you draw a cute face, that’s me. (Laugh) Hahaha! The part that I like within my face are my lips.

A1 I like fruits. My favorites are pineapples, grapes, peaches…I like all of them! (Laugh)

A2 Since fans tell me that I look like a rabbit, I’ve come to like rabbits.

A3 ‘Always be happy’

My motto is ‘always be happy’. I think being happy is important in life.

A4 It’s how considerate they can be in little things. For example, when we look tired, they’ll  cheer for us even louder.

A5 We have really amazing unity as a team. I like how we always respect and give constructive opinions to each other.



Born on March 7th 1997

‘Our strong point is how we each have clear personalities’

Portrait point

I have double eyelids and have large whites, so when I’m not making an effort, my eyes look like this. The corners of my mouth also bend upwards like this. The fans draw me like this as well.

A1 Sweet potatoes. I don’t get tired of them even if I eat them every day. I like anything that’s made of sweet potatoes.

A2 Pandas. They’re cute. I like how they’re usually gentle and are large, but also have their cute moments.

A3 ‘There is no answer’

There is no set answer, so I want to do the things that I want to do.

A4 I’m always thankful for them just being there. I’m thankful that the Japanese fans cheer for us despite us being foreign singers to them.

A5 Each member has different strong points, so we each have very clear personalities. That makes us a fun to watch group. I like that.



Born on March 26th 1996

‘The fans are always lovely’

Portrait point

There aren’t really points of note in my portrait. I drew my eyes to be big, my face to be small, and drew it to be as cute as possible. (Laugh) Does it look like me~?

A1 In Japan, I put shabu shabu in gomadare(sesame sauce). It was delicious and I got refills for that only. (Laugh)

A2 I like cats. We have a cat in my family home. The name is ‘NyanNyannii’ in Chinese.

A3 ‘Nothing is impossible’

‘Nothing is impossible,’ since things that I thought were impossible in the past are possible now. If I continue making an effort without giving up, I think there’s always going to be something that can be accomplished.

A4 There are lots of things that I like about our fans! They always watch over us warmly. They’re always lovely.

A5 The gap between how charismatic we are on stage and the bright personalities that we have in real life. Also, the members are all nice!



Born on October 1st 1995

‘Fans give us a reason to exist’

Portrait point

I tried to draw it to look like me as much as possible. I think the easiest way to recognize me may be my hairstyle, so the point is how accurate the hairstyle is.

A1 I can’t eat raw onions, but I like the ones that aren’t spicy. The onion side dish my mom makes is essential for a meal.

A2 Wolves and cats. Wolves are romantic, and fans call me ‘the wolf of the stage’.

A3 ‘It’s all to keep ourselves fed…!’

‘It’s all to keep ourselves fed…!’ I think that in hard times, we have to keep ourselves fed and live on.

A4 I like how they scream my name in loud voices. It gives us a reason to exist and gives us strength.

A5 I can relax when I’m with the members. We’re like family. They worry for me, and I’m thankful for that.



Born on February 3rd 1999

‘I was able to become a singer thanks to my mom’s words’

Portrait point

My eyes are of different sizes, and my double eyelid lines are also different to each other. I like how plentiful my eyelashes are, so I drew them to look fluffy.

A1 Sushi. I like Salmon and flatfish, but the Unagi sushi that I had in Japan was so good that I keep saying I want to eat it again. (Laugh)

A2 I’m bad at drawing so I can’t draw well at all~ (Laugh) I like dogs because they’re cute. Cats are cute too, but I prefer dogs.

A3 ‘Nothing can be gained without effort.’

‘Nothing can be gained without effort.’ My mom told me this when I was little, and I was able to become a singer thanks to these words.

A4 I like how they think of us and cheer for us to keep our morale up whatever the situation is.

A5 I think it’s great how well defined our concept is. You know that it’s Dreamcatcher immediately when you see us.


“What” is in the BOX?

What is the content of the box? Game challenge!

Two at a time, they played a game challenge where they try to guess the content of the box just by how it feels on the hand.

Round 1

Jiu & Yoohyeon try!

Broccoli in the box

JiU responds calmly while being watched

Yoohyeon says ‘Why didn’t your expression change?’


Sua & Siyeon schemes sneakily…

Sua and Siyeon tells her ‘it’s a chicken head!’, making Yoohyeon scream, ‘Kya-!’ (Laugh)

After calming down, they touch it and say ‘Ah~ It’s broccoli’. Excellent, the two were correct!


There’s a clear contrast between JiU, who stayed calm from start to finish, and Yoohyeon, who got scared after being duped by the mischievous Sua and Siyeon. It seems like she found out immediately because of the circular texture!

The always curious Gahyeon joins in. She says ‘It’s staying still!’, and even sniffs it.


Round 2

Sua & Siyeon try!

Spider in the box

Yoohyeon goes for a revenge and says that it’s ‘a worm’ in the box, scaring Sua and Siyeon.

Sticking in their hands together

For some reason, they both stick their hand in and make a big fuss, going ‘Sua unnie’s hand feels strange~!’

‘Why are you touching each other’s hands?’ Yoohyeon says as she bursts out laughing.

After touching it for a bit, Sua realizes what it is in a flash, and screams ‘I got it~!’

They answer in one voice, ‘1, 2, 3, It’s a spider doll!’

Surprised that ‘It feels worse seeing it that it felt touching it.’

After being told it was a ‘Worm!’ ‘Sea Cucumber!’ or ‘Shrimp!’, they were scared, but they still did well and got the correct answer. They even analyzed that ‘it would be scarier to the touch with some water on it’ as they looked at it.


Round 3

Dami & Gahyeon try!

Sponge in the box!

Dami puts her hand in without hesitating even a moment. ‘What was this called…’

Yoohyeon and Sua taking a peek

Next up, Gahyeon also puts her hand in quickly without any fear

Yoohyeon and Siyeon asking if she’s okay

Gahyeon: looks fine

They put their hands in a few times and kept touching it, but finally they seem to have figured the answer out

The two talking…

They answer in one voice, ‘Sponge!’ The third group also got it right!

Dami and Gahyeon are fearless! ignoring the interference(?) from the other members going ‘starfish!’ ‘conch!,  they did well and got the right answer. Still, Gahyeon said ‘but when i was touching it, it felt really weird~’


Round 4

Handong & JiU try!

Konjac in the box

Siyeon: scared

Peeking as always

The members scaring them going ‘wouldn’t the last one be a bug?; ‘Wow, scary~!’

Handong is the most easily scared

Handong, who gets scared easily, isn’t unable to put her hand in quickly…

The members force her hand in. (Laugh) But her hand doesn’t reach the content of the box

Everyone holds it down…


As soon as she touches it, Handong immediately gets her hand out, shouting ‘Kya-!’

Surprised by her voice, the members also scream ‘Kya-!!’ (Laugh)

The two answer ‘squid’. The members are without mercy, saying ‘since you got it wrong, you have to touch it one more time.’

Checking from the top

JiU sees inside the box and goes ‘ah~!’

Handong says ‘It was a really weird feeling.’

After the game was over, other members touched it and checked its smell too. (Laugh)


10/27 Dreamcatcher dances while in a witch costume!

Dreamcatcher held a Halloween Free live in Odaiba VenusFort Church square, Tokyo. The members wore black and red dresses that were only worn on this day, making them look like cute witches. They brought the excitement up with ‘You and I’ and met fans with a smile on their faces. After that came the first showing of their Japanese debut track, ‘What -Japanese ver.-‘! They shared how they felt, saying ‘When we sing in Japanese, it feels like we’re one step closer to you. (JiU).’ Last came the sexy and cool performance for ‘Full Moon’, closing a seemingly magical live show.



When they were drawing their faces on the balloons, the sharpies made squeaking sounds. The members drew even while worrying ‘what if it bursts?’

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