[ARTICLE] ROK’s Representative Tank, K2 Black Panther (Con’t.)

[Dami] “My older brother served in the army at the end of the land but I never visited him. Experiencing it myself even for awhile, I feel bad for him. The tanks were bigger than what I had imagined.”

[Siyeon] “The army and I have something special between us. When I was little my dream was to become a soldier.

Also I was born on October 1st, yes, I was born on nation’s Armed Forces Day. That’s a deep relationship right?” 

[SuA] "This experience reminded me a lot of my older brother, he’s serving in the marine corps.

Every time sweat drops from my forehead, I feel sorry for my brother. In the future, I’ll call him more often.”

[Yoohyeon] “I was surprised to see the tank that I only saw in the picture before. I thought it was cool but I was actually terrified.

I could feel the fear of war indirectly. Also the artillery was so heavy that I could not stand.”

The article also mentioned that Dreamcatcher has gained a lot of popularity among people serving in the military. 

Trans.: deurimkeichyo + 7-dreamers

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