[ARTICLE] Dreamcatcher Questions Popular Stereotypes Surrounding Girl Groups

In a saturated industry where it’s difficult for rookies to set themselves apart, Dreamcatcher has succeeded in doing just that! With their elaborate dark concepts, they are starting to cement themselves as a unique girl group.

About this, member SuA said, “Because there has never been a girl group that tried this concept before, a lot of people are interested in our uniqueness. For myself, when we used to sing bright songs, I would be aware of myself thinking, ‘I want to look like this.’ Now, the songs themselves are powerful with a strong beat, so the energy and facial expressions come out naturally. I like that we look natural.”

Dreamcatcher is gathering fans with their go at rock music as a genre. As such, Dreamcatcher walks a different path from your typical girl group. However, about this, the members questioned, “Why do girl groups need to be pretty?”

Dami said, “A lot of people wondered why girl groups are divided into just innocent or sexy. I think girl groups can do a lot of varied genres as well. Not just Dreamcatcher; I hope that lots of new genres get tried in the future.”

Gahyeon agreed, saying, “There is a group who attempted ‘innocent’ for the first time, and a group that started ‘sexy’ for the first time. We are starting rock as a genre for the first time, so if there are junior groups who attempt this genre after us, I think this genre will get more popular to the public as well.”

Siyeon revealed that the girls are planning on other things as well. She said, “Of course, there are songs in our album that aren’t rock. We plan to show you other genres as well. But personally, I hope we always keep rock with us. A lot of fans also tell us that they hope that Dreamcatcher will continue doing rock.”

Meanwhile, Dreamcatcher made a comeback with “Fly High” last month.

Source: Soompi

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