[ARTICLE] Dreamcatcher in Brazil: Know All the Information

Dreamcatcher will be coming to 4 different cities in Brazil at the start of December. There’ll be a fansign in all of them and one showcase in São Paulo, with an optional high-touch event after it.

Each fansign will have 400 tickets available and will be 3 hours long. The tickets will be available as of Sept. 09, 2017. Everyone who buys a ticket will also receive a poster on the fansign date.

The showcase will be 90 minutes long. The tickets for it will be available at the same date, but you may pay half of the amount necessary by donating 1 kg of dog or cat food. The half-price ticket is also available for the regular laws for it in Brazil. You may also buy a ticket for a high-touch event, that will happen after the showcase.

The image explain the different areas available for the showcase. The general admission area is on the same floor as the stage.  

The general are as it follows:
Fansign + Poster – 130 Reais / 41 Dollars.
High Touch – 80 Reais / 25 Dollars.
Showcase General Admission – 280 or 140 Reais / 89 or 45 dollars.
Showcase V.I.P. – 340 or 170 Reais / 108 or 54 dollars.

Source: Highway Star
Trans.: 7-dreamers / Do not take without credit

NOTE: There is information regarding specific locations, documents such as an ID you’ll need to bring to the events, etc. in the link. (http://www.hwstar.com.br/2017/08/dreamcatcher-no-brasil-saiba-todas-as.html?m=1) Any questions you may have, you may contact them at contato.highwaystar@gmail.com or ask us and we’ll help you as best we can. You can also contact Dreamcatcher Brasil (@.dcatcherbr) directly via Twitter! 

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