25 Sept 2019 “A calculation error on SBS MTV’s ‘THE SHOW’? Dreamcatcher’s Video+prevote score higher than the official scoring”

[Reporter Lee Chang-gyu] Everglow scored their first win  since their debut on SBS MTV’s ‘THE SHOW’ which aired on the 24th, with competitors Dreamcatcher and CLC coming in on 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

While Everglow’s growth, which propelled them to take their first win in 6 months since their debut, must be lauded, Dreamcatcher fans have pointed to a possible error in the score calculations.

THE SHOW ranks the contestants based on the following score breakdown: ‘digital+physical sales’, ‘prevotes+YouTube+expert’, and ‘realtime votes’.

The digital sales account for 40% of the scoring, the physical sales take up 10%. YouTube takes up 20, the prevotes take up 5%, the expert score takes up 15%, and the real time votes take up 10%. Each percent represents 100 points in the overall score.

A still from ‘THE SHOW’

Since the precise digital and physical sales data can’t be accessed, the fan who brought attention to this excluded them from the calculation.

For the prevoting, Dreamcatcher won 54.31% of the overall votes, with Everglow coming in at 23.36%, and CLC at 18.55%. Since Dreamcatcher won the prevoting, they received the full 500 points, while Everglow received around 213.

For the YouTube score, according to K-Pop radar’s data, (between Sep. 15th and Sep. 21st), Dreamcatcher’s Deja Vu got 2,263,630 views, while Everglow’s ‘Adios’ got 3,076,173.

If one converts this data into points, Dreamcatcher takes 1,472 points, with Everglow taking 2,000. (However, according to calculations done by Chinese fans, Dreamcatcher scores 1,465 points, which is still higher than the officially released score).

The viewer board of ‘THE SHOW’

In addition, for the expert score, which takes up 1,500 points, the fan assumed that Dreamcatcher got 0 while Everglow took the full score. If this was the case, the scoring for ‘Prevotes+YouTube+Expert score’ comes out to 1,972 for Dreamcatcher and 3,773 for Everglow. Dreamcatcher’s score that was released on ”THE SHOW’ is lower than this by 122 points, while Everglow’s score was off by 53 points.


As such, the final scoring, recalculated with this error in mind, comes to 7,972 for Dreamcatcher and 7,914 for Everglow, or so fans say.

Even with the expert score excluded, Dreamcatcher took a score reduction of over 100 points, and the reason for this error remains unclear.

However, as there has been a case on Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’ where the winner had to be changed due to a calculation error, the need for a proper clarification from ‘THE SHOW’ is evident.

source: http://www.topstarnews.net/news/articleView.html?idxno=674079


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