‘Once Upon a Time’ Lyric Translation

In the forest lives a monster

it can’t be seen no matter how hard you try

The emanating cries are, like screams,

hair-raisingly terrifying

People say

It’s taller than a house

with more than two faces

with a big, nay, gigantic mouth

it consumed even trees in one bite

brave one

defeat the monster

bring us liberty and peace of mind

The evil one

who terrified the villagers

An order to bring him to me now

The terrified ones are fearful

nobody stepped forth, noone no

only turning to each other

failing to step forth

one steps up and walks between them

Don’t cry if I don’t return

I died doing good so smile

I don’t have any

good photos taken

but use the one with the brightest smile

if my young sibling 

asks about me

Tell them I went on a long trip

to a good place

someone tell them

that I was always brightly smiling

live on without worries

A house lit by a ray of light

crooked from age


cold from the absence of men

Nobody, nothing there

a story born out of that empty house

See what you will from it

Do what you will, whatever it is

Deep scars are left on those who remain

As they live on with memories unforgettable

please do not take translations without credit

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