25 Dec 2019 “Dreamcatcher announces ‘new song’ as Christmas present to fans”

During the last show of DREAMCATCHER’s Christmas Event they announced a “new song” as a Christmas present to their fans

Kpop girl group DREAMCATCHER, known for their “nightmare concept” and heavy rock sound throughout the world, held their final performance of “DREAMCATCHER ‘NIGHTMARES BEFORE CHRISTMAS’ 2019” at HIKARIE HALL B (Shibuya HIKARIE). During the encore of the group gave their fans a Christmas present – they would be releasing a new single called “Endless Night” in March 2019.

Those attending the event were asked to dress up in Christmas clothes. So before the event even started, the venue had a Christmas feel. DREAMCATCHER appeared on stage wearing sexy Santa Claus outfits. The girls started the show with their latest song “Déjà vu –Japanese ver.-” The song is a collaboration with realtime 3D battle RPG “Kings Raid”. This was the first time the group had shown this version and it brought the excitement up even more in the venue. Next they did a Christmas song cover of “Jingle Bell Rock” and sang along with their fans. The second half of the performance consisted of the top 4 songs requested by their fanclub “InSomnia Japan”. They started with retro pop song “And There Was No One Left –Japanese ver.-”. Next was the Japanese version of their Korean debut song, “Chase Me –Japanese ver.-”, followed by the origin of the nightmare concept “FullMoon”. The last song the group performed was the #1 requested song, “YOU AND I –Japanese ver.-”

During the encore, the girls announced, “We have a Christmas present for you guys here! We will be releasing our 3rd single “Endless Night” in March 2020!” and were engulfed in cheers by fans who were happy with their surprise Christmas present. The girls wrapped up their Christmas party with “Breaking Out” from their 1st Japanese album.



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