31 Dec 2019 Dreamcatcher, a shining trail of hard work… proves themselves a ‘rising Korean wave star’ on stages all over the world

[Seoul Economy] As 2019 draws to a close and 2020 draws closer, Dreamcatcher’s work, capturing a worldwide audience, stands out.

                     Photo courtesy of  Dreamcatcher Company

2019 was a meaningful year for Dreamcatcher in more ways than one. They concluded the unique and striking story of the ‘Nightmare’ series, and collaborated with a video game, adding a special air to their name.  Their two mini albums sold a combined 68,000 copies, clearly showcasing the presence of a tightly-knit fandom, and their relentless touring overseas solidified their position as a new ‘Korean wave driver’.

Dreamcatcher opened the gates of 2019 wide open with the January release of the special single, ‘Over The Sky’, meant for the InSomnia who has continued to stand by them. Dreamcatcher has released a single for fans celebrating their debut every January since the ‘Nightmare’ story got started in 2017. Their second fan song, ‘Over the Sky’ caused a fever on Youtube and other video streaming platforms.

The large advertisement on the Thomson Reuters building of Manhattan, New York has also caught the attention of many. The advertisement, organized through the Starpass app, saw Dreamcatcher reach the top of the polls within the app, beating out other notable idol groups. Thus they energetically started the new year by showcasing the position of K-Pop in the middle of the largest city in the world.

Dreamcatcher began promoting in earnest with the February release of their 4th mini album, ‘The End of Nightmare’, which closes out their ‘Nightmare’ story. The album reached 5th place on the iTunes worldwide album chart, trailing only Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper, and Queen, while simultaneously reaching 1st place in the album charts of such countries as Argentina, Finland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Latvia, Malaysia, Peru, Portugal, and Singapore, proving once again the attention the group is garnering all over the world.

After the conclusion of the domestic promotions for ‘The End of Nightmare’, Dreamcatcher’s promotion continued outside of the country. Dreamcatcher’s new world tour, named ‘Invitation from Nightmare City’, would continue throughout the year, from Asian countries such as Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia, to Oceania, 7 European countries, and to 5 cities in the US, showcasing Dreamcatcher’s position as a true ‘Korean Wave Idol’.

Following the conclusion of the ‘Nightmare’ story, Dreamcatcher’s special mini album ‘Raid of Dream’ demonstrated once again  Dreamcatcher’s mastery of their concept to the excitement of fans. Announcing a collaboration with the mobile game ‘King’s Raid’, Dreamcatcher approached fans while immersed in the world of the game. The fans found themselves moved by the album, which not only contained the story of the game, but also the previously untold behind stories of the ‘Nightmare’ in the B-side tracks.

InSomnia all over the world responded passionately to Dreamcatcher’s newest experiment. ‘Raid of Dream’ reached 1st place on the iTunes worldwide album chart, as well as hitting top 10 in the album charts of 26 different countries, 9 of which saw the album hitting 1st place. Domestically, the album was also the best received album since the group’s debut, hitting 12th place on the real time chart of Geni, and entering top 100 in various domestic streaming sites such as Bugs and Soribada.

Such growth leads one to anticipate more from the group in 2020. The fans are passionately looking forward to the story that is to follow ‘Nightmare’, as well as a new tour. After a very active year in 2019, the group’s future in 2020 is drawing the attention of many.

“We are deeply thankful for your support last year. We are preparing special stories to be told in order to spend an even more passionate year with you in 2020. Dreamcatcher will continue to respond to the love of fans with shining new content. Please look forward to it,” commented Dreamcatcher Company.


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