20 June 2020 FutureKorea “Dreamcatcher, despite the low participation index… 20th in girl group brand reputation in June 2020”

Dreamcatcher ranked 20th in the girl group brand reputation by maintaining its ranking, although it showed a drop in the total brand reputation index.

“Dreamcatcher ranked 20th after analyzing 65,141,220 brand big data measured from May 12, 2020 to June 13, 2020, and analyzed consumers’ brand habits and reputations,” said Koo Chang-hwan, head of the Korea Institute for Corporate Reputation. 

Koo Chang-hwan, head of the Korea Institute for Corporate Reputation, said, “The Brand Reputation Index is an indicator created through brand big data analysis, found out that consumers’ online habits have a great impact on brand consumption. The analysis of girl group brand reputation can measure the positive and negative evaluation of girl groups, media interest, consumers’ interest and communication among consumers. “The analysis of 100 brand reputation editors was also included,” he said. “Compared to 66,732,819 girl group brand big data in May, it decreased by 2.39%.”

Dreamcatcher (Jiu, Sua, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami, Gahyeon) ranked 20th, and the participation index was 53,924, Media Index 139,536, Communication Index 412,487, Community Index 237,138 and the brand reputation index is 843,085. Compared to the brand reputation index of 1054,249 in May, it decreased by about 20.03%.

“Dreamcatcher had a high communication index,” Koo said. “However, it showed a low participation index.”

Dreamcatcher is a seven-member multinational girl group that debuted in 2017. In the idol market, which is a red ocean as of 2020, their concept has been set as a relatively maniac genre, and has achieved blue ocean by differentiating it from other girl groups.

The Korea Singer Association (referred to as the “Singer Association”) will launch a “public cultural artist suicide prevention campaign” to prevent the tragic situation of pop culture artists and restore the health of the local music industry. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the campaign, the company produced a video featuring Yuk Joong-wan Band, girl group Dreamcatcher and Mona containing messages of mutual interest, consideration and engagement, for hopeful situations.

In addition, Dreamcatcher will have a special get together with InSomnia around the world through an online streaming concert in July. Through this concert, you will be able to see the hit songs of the “Nightmare” series and the first full-length album “Dystopia: The Tree of Language” released this year, as well as various performances prepared by Dreamcatcher. Especially with the Corona 19 situation, which requires maintaining social distance, it will be a more valuable opportunity for both domestic and overseas fans to enjoy Dreamcatcher’s music and energy in their respective comfortable spaces, drawing enthusiastic responses from fans.

Meanwhile, in June 2020, the girl group’s Top 30 brand name ranking is TWICE, Oh My Girl, Blackpink, Iz*one, Gfriend, Red Velvet, (G)-Idle, Girls Generation, Mamamoo, LOONA, WJSN, Lovelyz, Apink, April, Cignature, ITZY, AOA, GWSN, FX, Dreamcatcher, Busters, DIA, Momoland, BVNDIT, Weki Meki, CLC, Berry Good, LABOUM, Fromis_9 and Girls Day.



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