24 Jun 2020 gameshot “Girl Cafe Gun releases stills from MV shot with Dreamcatcher”

On the 24th, BiliBili released some stills from the music video produced <Girl Cafe Gun> in conjunction with <Dreamcatcher>. <Girl Cafe Gun> is an anime girl shooting action RPG developed by Seasun Games that is to be offered by BiliBili. 

<Girl Cafe Gun> has already drawn much attention with the announcement that they will be working with Dreamcatcher, a popular group known as concept maestros, and ESTi, the foremost game music composer of Korea. With the release of the eye-catching music video teaser, the excitement is running high between fans and gamers. 

The still frame released by <Girl Cafe Gun> shows a scene from the music video of <R.o.S.E Blue>, the main theme of the game composed and written by ESTi and sung by Dreamcatcher. Using elements from the game as motifs, viewers will be able to experience the atmosphere of the game within the music video. The full video is to be released some time in July. 

<R.o.S.E Blue>, the main theme of the game that was created as a collaboration between <Girl Cafe Gun>, <ESTi> and <Dreamcatcher> uses melodic rock sounds commonly found in anime themes as its base and incorporates characteristic K-Pop elements as well as elements of Trap and majestic orchestration parts, showcasing the unique and expansive in-game world. 

A BiliBili official said “Thank you for the much attention you gave to the news we were releasing an OST in collaboration with ESTi and Dreamcatcher. We focused on incorporating the in-game world and other elements from the game naturally into the MV, so it will allow our users to enjoy the game in a new manner.” “We plan to provide fun to our users in the near future with the music video and more, so please continue looking forward to the game.”




Translation by 7-Dreamers Hojoon
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