170422 Siyeon’s Fancafe Update – It’s the 100th day. 100th day. It’s the 100th day, 100th day!!!

You guys, because today is the day 100 days from our Dreamcatcher’s debut!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, that’s correct. That day is today.
So we did a surprise event today, keke
It’s the feeling of spending the entire day with fans, so good!
But there was one really unfortunate thing…You guys were there but…keke
Before we started, we revealed the goal. But everyone was caught within 30 minutes. Kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke
Yes, just that point
Wasn’t it funny?
I heard everyone was caught within 10 minutes, but it didn’t seem like it.. Kekekekeke
I can assure you that I was one of the last ones (to be caught).
It wasn’t 10 minutes. (last pride)
Although we were caught quickly this time
Next time, if we can do it again, I will readily never by caught!!!
Should you prepare for a marathon!? If we do it again, I mean, keke
Now I will put aside the talk of today’s event and speak from my heart, keke
It’s been 100 days since our Dreamcatcher’s debut~
During that time, we’ve done two promotions. Right now we are engaged in our second promotions.
Because of you guys I’m very, very happy!
During the time of doing promotions like this, I meet you guys, I learn your faces, I memorize your names, I get familiar with you, I get comfortable, I think we get a lot closer, hehe
I’m still lacking, but I believe we will be together in the future for life, am I right?? Kekekeke
Really, thank you very much, you will never know how much strength you give to me, to us.
I’ll work harder to pay you back, hehe
Because we’re stuck together, I won’t speak any longer, you understand!?!? Keke
Since writing this, something is sad.. So I will have to reduce before I grimace.. Because when I grimace, it’s serious.
Even the people we unfortunately didn’t get to see today, and the people who came to catch me, keke I love you so much, hehe♥️ Our very pretty fans, hehe, goodnight. The 100th day night is deep, hehe
Here’s a selca

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

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