16 Aug 2020, WowTV: Dreamcatcher, precious music video “Scream” surpasses 20 million views with news of a comeback

Along with Dreamcatcher’s comeback, their previous release “Scream” has also been gaining special attention. 


According to Dreamcatcher Company, the music video for“Scream”, the title track of Dreamcatcher’s first full-length album, “Dystopia : The Tree of Language”, has surpassed 20 million views on the 15th. Including views on the distribution channel, the total music video views comes close to 23 million.


The reason why the music video for “Scream” is getting such fierce love is due to none other than Dreamcatcher’s approaching comeback. With every music video, Dreamcatcher tells a special story. The music video for “Scream” wrapped up the nightmare series that they had since debut and drew a lot of attention for being the kickoff to the start of a new story.


On the 17th, Dreamcatcher will release their fifth mini album, “Dystopia : Lose Myself”, and begin their comeback promotions. As a result of the interest of their InSomnia all around the world, the “Scream” music video has set a new record.


At the moment, the music video teasers for “BOCA”, the title track of their new mini album “Dystopia : Lose Myself”, have been revealed and are increasing the anticipation of the comeback. Fans are increasingly curious due to the appearance of various works of art that can be used to theorize about the story in these videos.


Dreamcatcher’s new song “BOCA” is a song that tells the story of an era of irresponsible and destructive words. In the lyric spoiler and highlight medley that have previously been revealed, the song conveys a special charm that has been created from Dreamcatcher’s rock guitar sound combined with an intensely catchy Moombahton rhythm.


Dreamcatcher’s new mini album “Dystopia : Lose Myself” gives more to look forward to, starting with the ‘Intro’, and includes six diverse and colorful tracks, with the title song “BOCA”. 


Dreamcatcher’s title song “BOCA”, along with the other accompanying tracks from “Dystopia : Lose Myself”, will be available on all online music streaming sites on the 17th at 6PM, and on the same day at 10PM, Dreamcatcher plans to hold an online showcase through VLIVE where they will be able to meet InSomnia all over the world.


Reporter Yoo Byung Cheol

Translation by 7-Dreamers jiulily

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