Aug 17 2020 Herald: [POP’s New Number] “If it hurts you, You won’t be able to open it, BOCA”..Dreamcatcher stands up to hurtful words with ‘BOCA’


Dreamcatcher returns to the pop music stage with a new fantasy.


Dreamcatcher’s 5th mini album Dystopia: Lose Myself as well as the lead track BOCA was unveiled on the 17th.


A continuation of their previous release ‘Dystopia: The Tree of Language’, which was their first studio album, the new album contains messages reflecting how we slowly lose our own values, as can be guessed from the sub-title, ‘Lose Myself’. Dreamcatcher is set to catch the eyes of many once again, expanding their world-building and featuring their signature intense sounds and performances.


In particular, the lead track ‘BOCA’, which means ‘mouth’ in spanish, is a song that feels fresh, embedding moombahton rhythms in Dreamcatcher’s signature rock sounds. Sharply criticizing how society lets loose hurtful words without any sense of guilt or responsibility, the track sends a message that they will seal those mouths.


A gaze without reason / A tail-biting question / (Whoa, oh-oh-oh-oh) / To them, guilt doesn’t exist


It can’t be stopped, a piercing feeling / I can’t hold back any longer for you


A deepening night covered in dark clouds / Come down, thunder, drop thunder, strong / I’ll lock it for you BOCA


Where is the love / Those words, like a thorn (ooh) / If it hurts you / You won’t be able to open it BOCA


Other than the lead track ‘BOCA’, the album contains 5 tracks, including ‘Intro’, ‘Break The Wall’, ‘Can‘t get you out of my mind’ and ‘Dear’, presenting Dreamcatcher’s story. With their Dystopia series, which means the anti-utopia, Dreamcatcher depicts a world darkened by language filled with wounds.


Will Dreamcatcher, who returns with critiques on society and has continued to showcase diverse charms, be able to captivate listeners once more? All eyes are on them..


Dreamcatcher’s 5th mini album ‘Dystopia: Lose Myself’ and the lead track ‘BOCA’ can be found on all the major streaming sites from 6 PM today (17th).


Reporter Kim Ji-hye( )

Translation by 7-Dreamers Hojoon

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