Best Global Artist – TEN Asia Top 10 awards (TTA)

Global No. 1 group in the 4th TEN Asia TOP TEN Awards (TTA) has been selected. Including singer Kang Daniel, who is aiming for the third consecutive grand prize, 10 groups which is EXO, MONSTA X, BLACKPINK, GOT7, PENTAGON, NCT127, Seventeen, Dreamcatcher, and Secret Number will re-compete for the position of “Best Global Artist in the First Half of 2020.”


Dreamcatcher succeeded in turning the tables at the last minute of the voting. Dreamcatcher, who had been pushed back by SF9 throughout the voting period, showed their persistence and ranked No. 1 in Taiwan. They beat the second ranked group with 10,000 votes difference, garnering 43.6% of the votes.


Videos of the finalists are expected to be released for a month on an outdoor display located on the roadside near Gangnam Station in Seoul. You can also meet Tenstar which is a comprehensive entertainment magazine by TenAsia to publish/plan an article.


The 10 groups will go through a period of voting starting from today (12th) to the 25th to decide the best K-pop group in the first half of this year. After 2 weeks of voting, the group that will be selected No. 1 will be given the opportunity to promote their music video on a total of 120,000 computer screens in 1,650 PC rooms across the country. The group will also be featured in commercials for “Ten Star” magazine.


K-pop fans in 10 regions can participate by signing up on the official website. Voting can be done once a day through the official website. Voting rights can be additionally obtained through coupon registration, advertisement viewing, payment, web charging station, etc and the maximum number of votes per day will be limited to 30 times.


The following is a list of regional winners of the 4th TTA

▲ Taiwan = Dreamcatcher


Reporter Jung Tae-gun


Translated by 7DREAMERS Adri. 

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Original Source: TenAsia

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