12 Oct 2022 Xportsnews “Dreamcatcher “World Tour → Comeback preparation, ‘Is this possible’ to achieve…”  ①

(Xports reporter Jo Hye Jin)

Dreamcatcher were preparing for a comeback in the midst of their world tour, excitedly preparing for it with the energy from their first win.

Dreamcatcher (JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, Dami, Handong, Gahyeon) made their comeback after 6 months with their seventh mini-album ‘Apocalypse : Follow us’.

Dreamcatcher, who returned from a world tour in 8 U.S. cities and Mexico starting in June, were preparing for the comeback in such a tight schedule that made them wonder “Could we do it in such a short period of time?” but added “We can do what we set our minds to.” And JiU said, “We prepared this album with a good mood,” referring to their first win on music shows with their last album’s title.

This album tells us the second part of Dreamcatcher’s Apocalypse view on the world. It’s an extension of their second full-length album, which focused on the Earth’s destruction. ‘VISION’ is a desperate declaration to reverse the destruction of our environment. Dreamcatcher has sent the public a message using their signature ‘rock metal’ sound. Although familiar, each song has its own unique variation. 

This album has also showcased a different kind of charisma. JiU stated that “There are various kinds of charisma. It really depends on what you see and think. This time, it’s more of a firm charisma”. Siyeon said, “We can show a more in-depth concept as it is linked to ‘Maison’ (previous little track).”

The ‘Dystopia’ series was spreading a message, criticising the society for its guiltless witch hunts. This time, they bring  environmental problems to the table with the ‘Apocalypse’ series. SuA stated that “the company decides on the story” but, “it’s the members’ acting that bring life to the decided concept, you know?”

Speaking of heavy topics, Dreamcatcher also has a sense of responsibility. For example, during their last comeback, they held the ‘Save Us Challenge’ to certify environmental protection practices and donated 50 million won through cooperation with environmental companies. 

In addition, Yoohyeon practices plastic reduction by purchasing items from a refill station store that allows one to purchase shampoo and detergent in the form of solids as well as reusing old plastic containers. JiU, who used a tumbler at the interview said, “I’m using a tumbler because I want to reduce the use of plastic. It was good to have the coffee with me,” revealing the efforts she’s making in her life. 

Dreamcatcher has also revealed that they are taking initiative to protect the environment. In particular, they have progressed from their debut song ‘Chase Me’ to their current ‘Follow us’, and are more focused on the meaning of being together. JiU said “When we debuted, we had to promote our group, and we had a concept for it. Now, we’re blending our will to do good together with the public into our lyrics and concepts. I hope that we can do good things together with the public.”

Source: xportsnews
Translation by 7-Dreamers Hec, Carrot & HojuneTL
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