100 Days with Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher will be soon celebrating their first 100 days since debut! As we’d like to celebrate with them, we are announcing a small project with a goal of raising enough money to get them a small cake (which could change, depending on how much is raised.) 

Big or small, every contribution helps and please do not feel obligated to do this; do what you can if you are able to, the girls are going to be thankful regardless, for all the love you give them. 

The design of the cake is being worked on and will also depend on how much is raised. For now, we have decided on a goal of: 

$60-$75 USD by April 11th, 2017. (Although we may extend the deadline, if need be.) 

All contributions will be done via PayPal through: 

Thank you so much, in advance for your support and cooperation! 

*If you are unable to send money via PayPal, do let us know so we can work something out. 

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