[TRANS] 170307 SuA’s Fancafe Update – SuA’s Picture Diary

SuA’s Picture Diary
2017. 3. 7 (Tuesday)
Today’s Weather: Cool and chilly

Dream Catcher’s Chase me activities have ended~
It was our first album, so there was an explosion of anticipation and worry. Se.ri.ous.ly
We shot our music video and jacket photos like this as if we were earnestly acting
Wow…we were really awesome *..*
The seven of us got up early in the morning and did our schedule
And when the schedule was over, we practiced more and more to show a great stage for tomorrow
We practiced dilligently~
The fans asked if we were tired and having a hard time
Thank you so, so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even so, thank you for allowing me to stand on the stage for like this
The fans who supported us gave me a lot of strength


Although chase me activities have eneded
I think our first step was good. I’m very excited for the future!
I want to send a lot of love to the fans who sent us love♥

Do you guys know my heart like this…?
You will, hehe
I was thinking of the memories of us together, so I recorded them and drew pictures.
I really like them, like them a lot
I you fans who are number one
I also like our members
I also like our staff
I like our family also, we must have filial piety
So I’ll write this much for SuA’s picture diary and must go practice~
For a better tomorrow~

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

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