NIGHTMARE 악몽 (惡夢) Fansign Events – Naver Update

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13th January, Dreamcatcher debuted
with the single
album, Nightmare!
Today’s post is Dreamcatcher album
release celebration fan

The first
time the fans
are able to meet Dreamcatcher so close!

My heart is beating like ompangompang as we head to the
fan sign location!


Big flower bouquet(!) Pretty
pretty JiU to show you
Just like that, you are knocked out by the beauty of the Dreamcatcher members =3


“This is my artwork.
Is it well drawn?” Siyeon
who is in the amidst of boasting about her
Once again you are knocked out by her eye smile!!!


“There is a stain
on my hand!!” Gahyeon who is not using the pen
to sign but
her hands too hehe
Again and
again you are
knocked out by her foolish
yet beautiful face


I can just faint
here today. ㅇ<-<


Wearing the flower
crown given as a present
by the fans and taking a picture! Yoohyeon



I’m already your fan even if I don’t know what
flower that is!

‘Dong ah~ look
at the camera here!!’



Oh? Right
now it feels
like Dongie just
confessed to me????

like Dami with hair tied up but I also like Dami with hair let
down….* (satisfied)

*There is a word
play with the
word Dami since
the verbs end with ‘da’

Now SuA do..doesn’t have anymore albums.

The fans looks
into the member’s eyes… So sweet…

Looking directly
into these eyes!!!! ㅇ<-<….


There is something special at Dreamcatcher’s fan sign!?

Right a reamcatcher, the dreamcatcher SuA made!!
Each and every fan sign we will give one handmade

Now there is already
6 dreamcatchers given
at the fan
sign to the fans as a present.
(The dreamcatcher SuA helped JiU make was delivered well^^)

Everyday Dreamcatcher will make an appreciation
This this
big (thumbs up)

This is Dreamcatcher’s fan sign location! Did you have a good

This week is the ending of Dreamcatcher Chase Me promotions ㅠㅠ

Dreamcatcher can be sweet
and make your heart go ompangompang and there is still
2 fan signs left!!! Please
do not forget

Until Dreamcatcher’s last promotion,
please cheer
and care a lot!

Until now it has been

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