08 Jan 2021 Idology “Look Back on 2020: 20 Albums of the Year”

Dreamcatcher “Dystopia: The Tree Of Language”

Mano: Where Dreamcatcher went after escaping the dark nightmare was the desolate ‘Dystopia’. “Dark girls” who wandered a nightmare became “witches”, screaming with despair for an “anti-ideology” and resentment with burning pain in the whole body.

“Dystopia: The Tree of Language” is the group’s 8th album (except digital singles) and also their first monumental album. In many ways, it’s the turning point of the group, because it’s the beginning of the new series and also the first album released after finally(!) putting a period on the long, long “Nightmare series”. It is no exaggeration to say that they have reached the peak of their accumulated discography since the making of the album is also strong. It’s like a beautiful tree growing on solidly built musical soil, like the name of the album series, “Nightmare”. The tracks that follow the traditional musical world the team has been pursuing (‘Scream’, ‘Tension’, ‘SAHARA’) have the deep underground roots, and the tracks that add variations of different genres (‘Black or White’, ‘Jazz Bar’, ‘In The Frozen’) are the branches extending in their respective shapes. Not only is there an excellent link between the tracks, the whole album is structurally well-organized, and it’s not boring nor burdensome, even though the volume is quite large. It has successfully made new attempts without hurting the musical world that has been built up solidly so far, while maintaining what the group does best and what it has done so far, it adjusted its tempo well so that it does not get boring. Above all, we must not overlook that these are produced by LEEZ and Ollounder who have been working together for a long time, and the members who can easily digest the genre that is not easy on the basis. In addition, member Siyeon’s self-composed song, ‘Paradise’ which was included as a bonus track, gives a glimpse of the group’s new paradigm, and creates more expectations for the future. As if the credit (‘Outro’) is like finding an unexpected cookie video of a movie that has been uploaded. Congratulations to the good news of Handong rejoining, who was away from the team for a while is back in. I hope that the tree which Dreamcatcher and producer team is elaborately tending will continue to grow strong. With thanks for not forgetting “dark girlhood.”

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Translation by 7-Dreamers Junwoo
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