03 Jan 2021 News1: Dreamcatcher, ‘BOCA’ MV surpasses 30 million views… a killer start to 2021

The music video for ‘BOCA’, which expanded Dreamcatcher’s special fictional world, has surpassed 30 million views, and this is evidence of how the love of their fans all around the world has not died down at all.

On the 4th, according to Dreamcatcher Company, the music video for ‘BOCA’, the title track of Dreamcatcher’s fifth mini-album ‘Dystopia : Lose Myself’, has surpassed 30 million views in the past two days.

The source of the music video’s popularity lies in Dreamcatcher’s unique and special story. This is because Dreamcatcher’s special metal rock sound, its accompanying powerful performance, and of course their special fictional world can all be enjoyed through the enticing beauty of the music video. 

Dreamcatcher Company stated, “We are extremely thankful for the love and interest that everyone has shown towards the ‘BOCA’ music video. We will try our best in order to meet the expectations of your love and anticipation, so please show us lots of love.”

Meanwhile, Dreamcatcher is currently in the midst of preparing for a comeback.

[Reporter Kim Minji]
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