19 Jan 2020: Dreamcatcher, coming back with their new song ‘Odd Eye’… new album’s tracklist is revealed .

The group Dreamcatcher is set to return carrying new charms with their new song ‘Odd Eye’. 

On the 18th, Dreamcatcher Company brought news of the upcoming comeback by revealing the tracklist of Dreamcatcher’s 6th mini-album ‘Dystopia : Road to Utopia’ through their official social media accounts.

Dreamcatcher’s new album’s title song, ‘Odd Eye’, tells the story of Dreamcatcher’s steps towards the utopia they’ve dreamt of, as well as the twists and turns along the way. In particular, it has been hinted that a new musical color will come from Dreamcatcher’s unique rock sound layered on top of a hip-hop rhythm.

Aside from the title track ‘Odd Eye’, Dreamcatcher’s ‘Dystopia : Road to Utopia’ will feature various tracks such as ‘Intro’, ‘Wind Blows’, ‘Poison Love’, and ‘4 Memory’. 

As Dreamcatcher will again be joining forces with LEEZ and Ollounder who have helped create Dreamcatcher’s fictional world before, the fans are greatly anticipating what is to come.

Dreamcatcher will begin promotions in earnest once they officially comeback with their 6th mini-album ‘Dystopia : Road to Utopia’ on the 26th.

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