[TUTORIAL] 2018 Brand of the Year Voting Guide

Dreamcatcher has been nominated for 2018 Female Idol of the Year in the 2018 Brand of the Year Awards! Voting ends June 13th (KST).

go to this link to vote

1: Click on ‘인물’ (the face), then click on the banner next to it.

2. Fill in a random name and email (does not have to be real). Make sure to use a different one each time you vote. Click ‘투표시작’ at the bottom

3. Fill in the rest of the info (make it different each time you vote). You will not be asked for verification, so you can use 8 random numbers for the phone number. We have translated some of the sections to make it easier for you to randomise each time. When finished click ‘투표시작’ at the bottom.

4. Scroll down to find dreamcatcher and click on their picture. Scroll down again and click ‘투표종료’. (You do not have to vote in every category)

5. You will get the following message, click ‘ok’ to confirm your vote. When you see the last page you have successfully voted!

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