Stream ‘ODD EYE’ from embedded links

Youtube counts a play as a “real view” when they come from sources that are organic. Examples of this are from direct links to the video, youtube’s trending page, youtube’s searches, “up next” recommendations, videos on YouTube’s homepage, and external sites that have the video embedded.


–  This method might freeze the views for a few hours but it works! Please be patient and keep streaming

–  Please close this tab once the videos are done and either search for this post on our website, copy the url and paste in on a new tab, or open it again from our social media

– Make sure that you wait at least 15 minutes before you play the videos again

– It is recommended that you watch other videos during those ~15 minutes

– It is recommended that you switch to manual streaming every 2 hours or so for a while to give youtube more space to process your views

– You can play this on more than one tab, however make sure that your device can take it!


– Plug in headphones and don’t put them on / Mute your browser or device to avoid multiple videos from blasting into your ears all at once ?

– Play ALL videos below at once (or as many as your computer and internet can take, don’t let them play at less than 480p, if you notice that it’s reducing the quality play less videos at once), you can also duplicate the tab to double the amount of views at once but make sure the quality is still okay

– Don’t mute the video / Don’t pause it or skip forward / Make sure the video is at normal speed

– Let the videos play until the end

– Copy this post’s link and close this tab

– Wait a minimum of 15 minutes before watching it again

– Try to watch other videos while waiting

– After the 15 minutes, paste the post’s link into a new tab or open it from one of our social media (e.g. from our twitter post) and repeat

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