Regarding “INVITATION FROM NIGHTMARE CITY in JAPAN” part 2 events for premium ticket holders

[Event change notice] Regarding “INVITATION FROM NIGHTMARE CITY in JAPAN” part 2 events for premium ticket holders

We are truly grateful of your continued warm support.

Due to delays with the entertainment visas for the Dreamcatcher Asian tour, “INVITATION FROM NIGHTMARE CITY in JAPAN”, which will be held in Tokyo on May 2nd and in Kobe on May 5th, we have had to alter the contents of the part 2 events for premium ticket holders.

We are truly sorry for customers who bought the tickets and were excited for the events. We express our sincere apologies. We ask customers to be understanding.

Show part 2 premium ticket events
[Before] After show ‘good work’ cheers event(乾杯会)

[After] After show ‘good work!’ High touch event

Event content: After each part 2 show in Tokyo and Kobe, the members will share their thoughts on their live performance, and send ticket holders off with high touches (high fives).

To see more about each show, click here.

Please send your inquiries about the special events listed above here.


Ponycanyon customer service center
Operating hours: weekdays 10:00~13:00/14:00~17:00
(Closed on saturdays and holidays specified by the company)

(While we accept forms 24 hours s day, we only respond to them during operating hours.)


※Please refrain from making inquiries outside of the method mentioned above, especially inquiries regarding the concert venue and store.
※Inquiries regarding fan events should be made within the time mentioned above.
※On the day of the events or on the day before, response to your inquiries may be limited.

Dreamcatcher’s official Japanese site:

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