Apr 2019 Kstyle Interview: Dreamcatcher challenged themselves to acting scared in their second Japanese single’s MV!

Dreamcatcher challenged themselves to acting scared in their second Japanese single’s MV!  The scariest horror work was “I watched anime and…”

The 7-member kpop girls group Dreamcatcher who combines a nightmare concept with their heavy rock sound light up the world with the release of their second Japanese single「PIRI~笛を吹け~ -Japanese ver.-」on March 13th.  Kstyle decided to sit down with them at a release event after their arrival in Japan. Here is the Japanese version of that sit-down at that time where they talked about such things their upcoming Asian tour stops in Japan in May and their state of mind going into that.

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Dreamcatcher shared roaring laughter when they showed talent in the flute playing corner!? The special talk event on Line Live was live broadcast.


What were your thoughts the first time you heard Piri?

JiU: When I first heard the line 피리를 불어라 (blow the flute) I thought “huh? Blowing a flute suddenly?” lol.  But the more I heard it, I realized “We are blowing the flute to signal that this is a sound that can only come from Dreamcatcher” and thought “this song has a special meaning for sure.”


How was it making the Japanese version?

Dami: Personally speaking, the rap was very hard.  It took a long time before my mouth got used to moving my mouth that way.  However, with monitoring the trouble parts I managed to finish it nicely and ended up satisfied with it.

Gahyeon: When I first heard it, I thought the pronunciation was different and worried if I could do it well.  However, the result ended up bringing out a different charm for the whole song.


With Piri we again get to see the Dreamcatcher-esque cool dance again.  What part of the choreography made you think “That’s cool!”?

Gahyeon: SuA’s part where she makes the v-shape in front of herself is very cool I think  [t/n: she is referring to the start of the chorus I think]

All: Yeah, yeah.  That is cool [general agreement].



Please tell us a secret story from the day you filmed the MV.

Dami: There was a scene where all the members needed to match Yoohyeon’s height.  We got inspiration from a variety of things to grow like standing on our tiptoes or finding a stool in order to match her height.

Siyeon: I had a scene where I had to sit under a ladder and, it wasn’t scary but, the angle where I sat just kind of hurt my butt (lol).  But I had to pretend it didn’t hurt.


Who do you think is the member who acted scared the best?

Siyeon: Everyone did a really good job but SuA had a part where she had to scream.  I think if you watch the music video, you can find that part (lol).


What was the scariest scene?

Yoohyeon: The doll scene maybe?

SuA: It was kind of scary because the director bent the necks of the dolls.

What if you went to Wonderland? “To Kyoto”


Piri’s release on the 4th Korean mini-album The End of Nightmare marks the end of the nightmare series Dreamcatcher has been drawing.  How do you feel about this conclusion?

JiU: I think if you watch the MV you will catch on to the fact that we thought we were escaping the nightmare but in the end, could not, so it is a repeating story.  So the nightmare story has ended but the nightmare itself will not end.


There is a scene where all the members stood in a line and held hands while dressed in all white.  What meaning do you think that scene has?

Siyeon: I think it is that we are all one.

Dami: I think it is that while we were all scared (lol) we are still united as one.



The coupling songs for 「PIRI~笛を吹け~ -Japanese ver.-」included the Japanese versions of your popular songs 「GOOD NIGHT」and「Wonderland」

Sua: Because the rap portion was lower than the Korean version of「GOOD NIGHT」at the time of recording, it made a really cool tone when combined with the Japanese lyrics.  It better conveyed the tough feeling I think.

Yoohyeon: I think the Japanese version of 「Wonderland」also grabbed hold of the atmosphere well to convey the feelings.


In the MVs for 「GOOD NIGHT」and「Chase Me」the actor Jo Dong Hyuk appeared.  Do you have any stories or episodes from filming with him?

Sua: He is very gentle and matched with us extremely well.  It was the first time for us to act but he tried to make it so we didn’t feel that pressure.

JiU: This is the first time we have been asked about him, do you (the reporter) happen to be a big fan of him (lol)?


If you were all to go to a wonder land, what kind of land would it be?

JiU: I would want to go to the Black Hall.  I wonder what it would be like inside.

Sua:  I would like to shrink myself like Ant Man can from the Avengers so I can visit the quantum world.

Yoohyeon: Because I really like Peter Pan, I would want to go to Neverland.

Handong: I really think Alice in Wonderland has some really romantic scenes so I would want to go to that world.

Gahyeon: I’ve never thought of this before.  I would just want to live in a world where I would be able to live in ease (lol).

JiU: Just an ordinary house (lol)!!

Yoohyeon: How realistic (lol).

Dami: I want to go to the Arctic and Antarctic.  Before the ice melts.

Yoohyeon: Ah, I wanna see a penguin!!

Siyeon: I want to go to Kyoto (lol). It isn’t a wonder land but I want to experience that scenery for myself just once.

New thoughts from the release event “What video game character would you be?”


What was it like seeing the special comment video you made for the release event for 「PIRI~笛を吹け~ -Japanese ver.-」?

Siyeon: It was embarrassing.  We were saying “Good night” in front of all the fans for that filming so it felt like I was becoming a character from a video game.

Gahyeon: At first it felt kind of awkward and embarrassing but because the fans were happy, I feel glad we did this.  And there were quite a few patterns for this phrase so it was fun.


It seems like there were four of those patterns.  What was popular?

Sua: I think the phrase “I like you”.

Dami: “Good night”

Siyeon: I get the phrase “I want to see you soon” requested a lot.

JiU: The last one was “Thank you always”.



The B-version of 「PIRI~笛を吹け~ -Japanese ver.-」includes footage from your debut event at LaQua last year on a special DVD.  What are some memories that left a heavy impression from that time?

JiU: I think what left the deepest impression was how, even though it was really cold outside, our InSomnia would wait for us even outside or at outdoors venues.

I saw Japanese InSomnia writing on SNS things like “Dreamcatcher give a lot to their fans” and “treasuring fans”.

Siyeon: Is that true?  That makes me happy~. I have a really bad memory but I am trying to memorize who each and every fan is.  I like to be able to call them by name so I say “thank you” for each and everything they do so it makes them happy.  We truly are grateful.

Dami: I heard about that during promotions and was really happy.  It is a way for us to see the faces we don’t get to see and makes me feel “Ah, we aren’t going to be forgotten about, huh” and it moves me.  It also makes me realize how I need to keep putting in effort to keep up with the new fans that are joining us.

Dami, you seem to have a lot of female fans.  What kinds of conversations do you have with them?

Dami: There are a few things you can say all the women say.  “(in Japanese) Dami-chan, you are so cool~” or while taking a two-shot picture saying “hug me please” and I’ll hug them.  That feeling happens a lot.

Handong:  Meeting the Japanese fans is really a time of healing.  Even in very stressful times, it just helps me blow off my emotions.  I am very grateful.

When I was a kid I watched this anime and it was scary for me.


Until now, you have worked on this nightmare concept while filming your MVs.  What is the scariest horror movie/film you have watched?

Yoohyeon: When I was a kid, I watched the Japanese film “One Missed Call 2” and, maybe because I was still a child, it was so scary I have never been able to forget it.

Sua: For me it would be the movie Ju-on.  Just thinking about it scares me. Things that are actually realistic are less scary than things that are faultily realistic because it leaves things to your imagination and becomes scary.

JiU: For me, the Korean movie The Wailing was really scary.  The Japanese actor Kunimura Shun is in it.

Siyeon: As a demon~.

All: (Roaring laughter)

Handong:  When I was a kid I watched the anime “Detective Conan” and it was scary for me.

Gahyeon: Detective Conan was scary?

JiU: There certainly were scary parts.

Handong:  The scariest scene was when Conan looked through a keyhole and there was an eye looking back!! (Episode titled The Mystery of Bludcraven Manor)

Siyeon: Do you know Pingu?  Pingu is also scary. The toad that would come out to play with Pingu during the dream sequences. (This is a Swedish-British claymation series from the 1990’s known for traumatizing children with accidentally really creepy content) you can keep this note or not.

JiU:  Certainly.  I was scared of Sailor Moon.  I was scared of the dark and she would fight at night, you see.

Dami: The Priests.  When someone is possessed by an evil spirit and suddenly moves is scary.

Gahyeon: I probably shouldn’t have watched it but I also think that The Priests is scary.


The Japanese fans kindness is “piping hot”


Soon you are starting your Asia Tour that includes Japan.  What are you looking forward to about this tour?

JiU: I am really looking forward to the reactions to our new songs and the new units we are going to show everyone.

Sua: It is our first time touring in Asia so I am really looking forward to communicating with our Asian fans.  I’m wondering what the actual language is like in these countries.


Last year, your tour focused in South America.

Yoohyeon: Yeah, we spent a lot of time in an airplane which is what I remember (lol).  20 hours!!


How do you spend your time when it is that long?

Gahyeon: A neck pillow and comfortable pants are indispensable.

Handong: It is rest time and snack time!!

JiU: It is the chance to download and catch up on the music and movies you haven’t had time to experience.

Gahyeon: And lastly, the most important part is not sleeping the night before.

Sua:  That’s right.  Preparing for the jetlag (lol).

Do you have free time?

JiU: When we do, it is only one day so we spend it at the hotel’s pool or going to a nearby supermarket.

――2017* 年は欧米ツアーをしましたが、いかがでしたか?

In 2017, you did your Europe and North America tour.  How was that?

JiU: The towns felt like walking in a fairy-tale.  The venues where we performed were also of the Renaissance vibe that matched the atmosphere of the whole town.  That left a strong impression on me.

(*it is dated 2017 on the article but the correct date should be 2018)

How were the fan reactions?

Handong: Both the European, North American, and South Americans were all piping hot.  They even prepared events for us.

Siyeon: piping hot (lol).


How are the Japanese fans?

JiU: Their kindness is hot.

Siyeon (in Japanese): Their kindness is piping hot.

Dami: I am shy to say this but it was actually very hot.

Handong: They moved me emotionally.



Changing the conversation completely, Handong is known for sneezing whenever she eats chocolate.  What weird reactions do you all have like that? (format of “when I have/do _____, ______ always happens”.) I feel like I worded this part weirdly so feel free to edit

Yoohyeon: When I listen to music, my fingertips naturally start moving like I am playing the piano.

Gahyeon: Do you have absolute pitch (lol)?

Yoohyeon: Not exactly (lol), I just kind of start moving.  It’s kinda strange.

Siyeon: I have one!  When I am in the car and see a person crossing the street in the pedestrian crossing area, I say something like “tuuni” to match that person.  I do this kind of thing when I am zoned out just staring out the window (lol). I’m honestly not super sure if this is right but it was hard for me to understand what she was saying here so -shrug-

All: What (lol)

Gahyeon:  I have a similar thing.  When I look out the window at the outside and see trees growing side by side, I wink as we get between the trees.

JiU: Until I finished elementary school, I had a thing with crosswalks where I would only step on the white parts.  After that, I decided to step on the red or wear something red on an important day.

Gahyeon:  In that case, since your hair is red, it must be an important day (lol).


Now a question for each member individually!

From here on we are going to ask questions to individual members.  JiU is beautiful on the outside but opposing that is her skill with dad jokes.  Can you give us one for the Japanese fans please?

JiU: “You bought a new t-shirt today?  What kind of t-shirt? A Cu-T(shirt) pret-T(shirt) one!  

All: …… (bitter smile)


Sua is good at caligraphy.  How did that come to be?

Sua: My grandmother is a very talented artist and is an art professor at a university.  So I learned it from her when I was in middle school. Things like drawing and doing calligraphy is very stress-canceling so when I have the time to do it, I am drawing.  I want to be able to gift my calligraphy to the fans one day.


Siyeon is a fan of the band ONE OK ROCK.  How did that come to be?

Siyeon: When I joined a music site, one of their songs was recommended and I checked it.  The singer’s voice was so good that I had to listen to other songs. They are also really great live.  My favorite song is Nobody’s Home.

Handong is good at singing songs from musical theater.  What is your favorite song from your favorite show? What is a musical you would like to be in one day?

Handong: I like the song Memory from the show Cats best.  A show I would like to see is Mama Mia. The songs are good and the story is good, I would like to play Sophie one day.


Yoohyeon, you like video games so please tell us; what is the charm of video games?

Yoohyeon: More than the greed to win or anything like that, I just like the feeling of living in that fantasy world while I play these games.  That’s why I play a lot of simulation games. I haven’t had a lot of time recently so I haven’t played a lot though.


Between you and Siyeon who also like video games, who is more skilled?

Yoohyeon:  We go to internet cafes together however we do not play games together.  The genres we like are too different (lol). Siyeon like RP games while I like peg solitaire or avatar simulation games.


Dami, what has the reaction been from the fans to seeing you cut your hair shorter and becoming even more beautiful and princely?

Dami: I was really worried about it at first but the fans all told me that it suits me and so I was able to erase my worries.  Currently, I am liking short hair more than having long hair.


Gahyeon, you challenged yourself to rap this time.  Please tell us your feelings regarding that

Gahyeon: I was really worried about it and nervous at first but after doing it, the fans reacted nicely and that helped me become more confident with it.  With the feeling that people were starting to like it, I worked my hardest. Dami also gave me a lot of advice.


Finally, please give the readers a message.

JiU:  Being able to make such happy memories with everyone when we came back to Japan makes me feel warm inside.  Thank you, as always! Ah! Also on 5/2 in Tokyo and 5/4 in Kobe we are having our concerts so definitely please come!!


original source: news.kstyle

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