Gahyeon Fancafe Update

Did you watch the V App??
It was my first time doing this kind of broadcast and it was the first time showing how I speak to you guys. So I was really nervous, did you guys like me? Because I was so worried, I don’t know if I did wellㅠㅠ

Today only I was really excited, so I don’t know if I smiled or not, heheheheheheh

And a lot of people wrote a lot of comments, but I couldn’t read each one, so it was such a shameㅜㅜ

The time that was one hour passed by quickly, so it was a shame and I already want to do it again
Next time I will practice the aegyo Siyeon unnie is teaching me and come back! Are you anticipating it??? Don’t anticiapte too much…hehe
I want to meet you directly soonㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Please really anticipate the remaining pictures and videos that will be released in the future. Are you curious?? Kekeke
My picture still hasn’t been released, so I promise to check in all the time
Are you curious about my dream? Will you dream about it? Kekeke, maybe??? If not, I’m sorry…
We will do V App also, so check in every day!!! (I promise if I can~~~)
Have a good Christmas this Sunday, and they say it will be very cold, so be careful of catching a cold!! And don’t get sickㅜ

Merry Christmas~~~~~~~~~

Trans: 7-Dreamers
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