Dami Fancafe Update

Would you like to eat chicken with me? Kekekekeke
Did you watch our V Live today?
It was our first one, so I couldn’t read many comments, and there was color and sometimes even silence, hehehe
Even though I showed a lacking appearance, you gave a lot of support with comments and met us pleasurably, so thank you very, very much.
We filmed today in the practice room but someday we will film outside of it too.
Film an eating broadcast!! Film at a swamp!!!!! Ha!!
I want to have more fun at a variety of places and meet you with an even more natural appearance.
Ah, right. On V Live I recommended a book to you, but for the people who couldn’t watch!! I recommend a book called Kafka on the Shore!!!!! Heongheong, I really like it.
A book called ‘Miracles of the Namiya General Store’ is good too.
And if you tend to like manga more, I recommend One Piece manga too!!11!!!
There are just 3 weeks left until our first stage!
You are also anticipating. We will show you a good stage.
Please hold my heard if you can!!!!!!! Umha
You guys’ hearts are trembling ~~~~
So we will meet next time!!!!

Trans: 7-Dreamers
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