[TRANS] Fancafe: 180312 2018.03.12 Sincerely, Gahyeon

Gahyeon suddenly appeared!!!

I really want to share my emotions, so I took 2 days to pen this letter and start this week on a good mood! It’s up hehe.
Please receive my letter!! Everyone will be happy hehehe.
Right??? Right??? Hehehe nyunnunnana~~ keke.

I am really thankful for all of our incredible InSomnias Somnias Somdungie!!
It’s really my good fortune to be able to meet everyone and you are my light!
On the day of the concert, many fans, family members and friends came even though they were really busy!!
Those who could not come supported us with their hearts!! ♥
I’ve always been thinking, I’m a very happy person who is thankful for the little things that happen daily, and I want to really want to thank our InSomnia whom we love so much. ?
It was really an unforgettable performance, and it’s really because of the efforts of many people that made this concert possible hehe.
I am really thankful and I’m writing this today with growing sensibility and emotion as I grow.
Whatever many words of gratitude I say today will always be in my head and I will continue to improve!!

Ah!! This time, Yoohyeon-unnie and I covered ‘I’ by Taeyeon-sunbaenim hehe.
I was really worried, what would I do if it didn’t went well…
I had a lot of worries thinking whether it’ll be alright after Yoohyeon-unnie said, “Let’s just enjoy this brightly!!”
I would like to say a big thank you to those who gave us their cheers during the performance hehe.

And one more piece of good news! We finally given our fans a name~
Please let me know in the comments whether you like being called our InSomnia!!
I’ll be looking forward to it hehe.
If you think it’s a brilliant idea, clap together with us! Kekeke.
I’m really thankful, happy for the day that I can’t describe with words!!
I really have no words…

Our InSomnia!!! I really love you ♥♥

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