Dreamcatcher 1st Official Fanclub [InSomnia]


This is Dreamcatcher company.

Application period

September 2nd (Mon) PM 06:00 ~ October 2nd (Wed) PM 11:29 (KST)

Application Site

Melon Ticket

▶ https://tkglobal.melon.com/performance/index.htm?langCd=EN&prodId=204165

What to put in the additional info fields

▶ 공식앱 ID(Official App ID): Your account in the official app

▶ 연락처(Contact info): Identical to the one in your official app account

▶ 다음 팬카페 ID(Daum FanCafe ID): The account you used to sign up for the official FanCafe (nicknameX)

▶ 생년월일 6자리 (Date of Birth in 6 digits): YYMMDD (ex.170113)

※ We do not take responsibility for any disbenefits that are caused by putting in the wrong information. Please take due note of this.


1st Official Fanclub [InSomnia]

On the day of the red moon,

Dreamcatcher invites you into a dream 

Application period: September 2nd (Mon) PM 06:00 ~ October 2nd (Wed) PM 11:29 (KST)

Period of activity: October 3rd (Thu) ~ Until the 2nd wave applications

Price of membership: 30,000krw (Domestic, overseas shipping costs extra) (Overseas, certain regions may cost extra for shipping)

Application site: Melon ticket (https://ticket.melon.com)

Open to: All [InSomnia] who love Dreamcatcher


◆How to join InSomnia 1st wave◆

– After logging into Melon ticket, the process is similar to making ticket reservations

– Check your melon ticket account info (Change address, contact info if needed)

– Select ‘1’ as the number of fanclub membership cards needed (1 card per person) 

– Fill in the additional fields with the correct information, then order/pay

★In order for your membership status to be updated in the Dreamcatcher official FanCafe & in the official app, please fill in the ‘예매자 부가정보(additional info on the person making the reservation)’ (Official app account, the same contact info as in your official app account, Daum Fancafe account (Nickname x), birth of date in 6 digits – YYMMDD).  We do not take responsibility for any disbenefits that are caused by putting in the wrong information. Please take due note of this.

-After the payment, go to [My Ticket>See reservations/cancellations] on the top right corner to check on your reservation status

※ Please note that if you cancel your account in the Daum FanCafe or in Melon ticket, you may not receive the full benefits

◆InSomnia 1st wave benefits◆

– 1 membership card for Dreamcatcher’s official fanclub InSomnia 1st wave

– official goods for InSomnia 1st wave (info on the goods pending)

– Pre-reservation privileges for Dreamcatcher’s solo concerts and fan meets (After consultation with the hosts)

– Prioritization in Dreamcatcher’s open broadcasts and other events (After consultation with the hosts)

– Status adjustments in the Dreamcatcher official cafe and app, and special content (Benefits may be subject to change)

◆Special membership event◆

The following gifts will be given to those who sign up as InSomnia 1st wave at random!

– Random unit polaroid photo of Dreamcatcher (6 recipients)

– Random signed polaroid photo of Dreamcatcher (14 recipients)

– Random hand-written message from Dreamcatcher (21 recipients)

◆Additional information for signing up◆

  1. Use your real name when you fill in the membership information

– Membership cards will be printed according to the information registered in your Melon ticket account

– If you use the account of family or other people, the reservation will be put under their name, so please be sure to use an account under your own name

– Only cards under your own name are accepted, and you cannot receive benefits if you sign up under another person’s name

– International members must use their names in the roman alphabet as is written on their passports

(You cannot sign up under the name of family members/other persons/fictional persons/ and we do not take responsibility for any disbenefits that result from not having checked your personal information)

  1. One membership per person.
  2. The official goods for InSomnia 1st wave will be manufactured & shipped out in batch after the applications are closed.

– In cases of address changes, contact info changes, and being unavailable for contact, you have to pay extra for the goods to be re-shipped.

  1. Until the Membership cards arrive, your membership status can be verified with the payment verification and membership history.
  2. Membership cards are not re-issued, so please be careful not to lose them
  3. If you are caught having sold/transferred your membership in InSomnia 1st wave to other persons, your membership status and benefits are immediately revoked.
  4. After signing up for InSomnia 1st wave (after the payment), you cannot get a cancellation or refund if it is due to a simple chance of heart.



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