[TRANS] 170417 Gahyeon Fancafe Update – Rainy Day Gahyeon

Hello!! It’s already week 2 of our comeback!!! I really, really missed you but it’s good that we can meet❤ Yeah!! Today I didn’t see you and I already miss you, and I want to talk, and I feel hopelessㅠㅠ Don’t miss me too much while we can’t see each otherㅜ I say that but also, don’t not miss me, keke. After we miss each other moderately we will meet tomorrow? Yeah. What are you going to do today!? Keke, now I want to take time for self-development. And exercise and practice!! And of course think of you guys❤❤ Hehet, kekeke
That’s right!! Suddenly it’s raining a lot, is everyone using their umbrellas??? I want to go pick you up!! But since I can’t do that, be sure to buy an umbrella from a convenience store or somewhere that sells them!! And the people who are aren’t dressed for cold weather, be warm and get inside! When you go home, drink a big glass of warm water?☕ I’ll be mad if you get sickㅡㅡKekeke, yeah. I hope the rain stops tomorrow, I don’t want it to rain!!!?? See you tomorrow

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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