[TRANS] 170417 Dami Fancafe Update – Hasn’t It Been a Really Long Time?

Hi! It’s Dami!
Today I noticed it’s colder and darker than usual
It’s raining!!!!!
On this kind of day, our intro really suits the best, kekeke kyakyakyayaya
If you’re at home and you turn off the lights, cover up with a blanket, lay on your side, and watch a movie, keuheu~~~ It’s awesome, I mean it.
If you stand by the window next to your house and smell roasted pork… I’m dead


Yeah, that’s right. I want to eat meat. Don’t say anything, I’m sad, kekekekekeke
You guys, what are you doing today? How are you??
I’m very curious whether you are in the rain or if you’re fighting insomniaㅎvㅎ

There might be a lot of people who are taking tests now. Is it difficult to study in weather like today’s??
Whatever time it is now, it’s still dark, and everything around me is still. I see white is paper and black is the ink, and my eyelids are heavy as if a building as been erected on them..
You know, you know, hehehehe
I will do exercise that I couldn’t do before!! Yeah~~
Our fans, after seeing you every day, it’s a day we can’t see each other, I’m sorry, and we can still think of each other!!!!!!!! 
What do you guys think? Do the feel exactly the same? I know, I know even though you don’t say it
So, for what’s left of the day, fighting!!!

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

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