[TRANS] 170314 Ji-U Fancafe Update – I miss you….

You guys, it’s Ji-U, hehe
Hasn’t the weather become nice today?
It’s becoming a little warmer.. a warm pillow(?) huemhuem
Kekeke, I must refrain, kekekekekeke
These days I’m reading the letters you write on the fancafe and your handwritten letters, hehe
This love? I will try not to forget, I will try to remember!!!
And more than anything, when I read your letters I receive strength♡.♡

You really are precious people who give us colossal strength~~
I’m on my way to the company so I’m listening to music
It’s been a long time since a nice relaxation, my heart also
is strange, kekeke, the weather is also warm
So it seems similar to the smell of spring…
Kya…I already notice spring….kekeke
On the way to the company I’m listening to That’s what i like – bruno mars
Like my heart, it’s pumping/bouncing, and the melody is sweet..
Please try to listen to it once, it’s good♡ I hope you and I have the same heart..
Heuheu, always…I..I..I like you??

Don’t get sick and always be healthy and happy



Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

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