[TRANS] 170308 Gahyeon’s Fancafe Update – I Miss Youuuuu

Hello!! My name is Gahyeon, kekeke, we haven’t met in 3 days…
I’ve come to write a letter from my heart that misses you so much>< Pleasant people, make some noise!!!! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
I really really really really miss you, how can I miss you so much?? Even so we’re going to meet on Sunday so I have to remember itㅠㅠ At that time, I will remember the people who can’t come with my heart!
We will be together through telepathy so we can feel everything, hehe
If not, please try to feel it. Feel my heart that loves you all like this, heheeh
Even though it was my first time promoting, thank you for giving so much love and support!! During the time we promoted, the promotions were very happy!
It’s all because of you guys. I really love you and thank you, it’s really like you’re mine
Please forgive me who cannot say something like this with words…keke
Even though I can’t express, don’t you always know my heart?? Kekeke
In the future also, even though I can’t express, you know everything!!! And before more tears fall, I must go!!
Until the day we meet again, don’t get sick and please love me and Dream Catcher a lot!!
So, really, bye!!!

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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