[TRANS] 170223 Siyeon’s Fancafe Update

Hi hi, you guys! Are you enjoying your Thursday?
We weren’t on M Countdown, so aren’t you sad?Keke
I’m also sad because we couldn’t see you guys..
Even so, we think enjoy our time thinking of one another, hehe
Did you see our KWAVE digital photo shoot?
It’s interesting!!! It was my first time taking a moving picture through tat method, so it was new. 
It’s like seeing something deep inside, keke, isn’t it??
Ah, and these days we are doing the V App often~
Every time we do, it’s so fun and enjoyable, keke
It’s just like chatting with you guys…
We can also communicate with you guys who are far away, so I really like it >_<
So we will do it more often, keke
We must set our alarms, and when our alarms go off we must run to work!!!!!!!!! It’s a promise
Everyone, be careful of catching a cold and always be healthy! Don’t get hurt… We’ll see each other soon, I love you! Sending a Singnie photo

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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