[TRANS] 170223 Gahyeon’s Fancafe Update – Hayeoyayeongyeoyeoyeom?????

Haiyeongyayeoyeom? It’s nice to meet you!!! Today we couldn’t see you and I already miss you…hehe
Today I am spending my time practicing and exercising~~~ What are you guys doing?? Kekeke, is everyone thinking of me as they do their own lives???? We will be able to see you again when it’s Saturday, keke. While anticipating that day, are you enjoying your life?? Will I also think of you guys? Keke, these days I think my feelings are different depending on the time of day. It’s really cold at dawn!! Be careful catching a cold and don’t get sick, okay? Now the middle of the afternoon is passing, but be careful, you guys!! Good luck! Keke, so I am good luck for you guys~ Goodbye….

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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