[TRANS] 170215 Handong’s Fancafe Update – Long time no see

TO you who I love
Hello~~~Are you doing well?
Today isn’t a busy day like this, so we can relax a little (hoo~~~) But the bad news is, we couldn’t meet the fans…But I want to see you (I want to be always be your side and seeing you)
It’s okay!!!! Tomorrow we will start again~~ Fighting~~~
I like when we can always meet the fans
Yesterday we worked hard at the handshake meeting. You always waiting for us in the cold weather makes my heart hurt. Please dress warmly as much as possible~
This week there was a fansigning and it was good!! I liked meeting the fans, and the pretty photos you took were good (This time please take a lot, keke) The conversations were also good (I’m sorry I wasn’t able to speak a lotㅠㅠ I will try hard)
Because I don’t have a lot of friends here besides the members, because the fans are here, I’m not lonely, and my heart is very warm because you’re like family. Thank you (heart heart)
We will meet tomorrow~~~

To: My Chinese friends who cannot understand Korean
Hello everyone. Today is not a very busy day, so I can rest a little and work hard tomorrow! Haha, this week we had a fansigning. How troublesome it is too see the lovely you so infrequently. I will meet you guys with each signature. I’m very excited to see you guys. I keep saying that, hahaha, it’s a little rhyme I have. I simply can’t finish it in about 10 seconds. Ah, even so, thank you guys~ (I have to refill my pen)

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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