[TRANS] 170215 Gahyeon’s Fancafe Update – One day in February~

Dehet^^ Hello, I am Gahyeon~~~~~~~
What are all of you doing right now?? I’m writing this letter as I think of you guys!!
Today!!! I made the font bigger. What do you think?! Is the font refreshing?? Kekeke
The weather, the day is becoming colder!!! Everyone, please dress warmly, and are you dragging along~~~~~~~?
I saw it each time but it’s that important!! If you catch a cold my heart will hurt, so promise you will dress warmly!!!!
Today I could barely see you guys, it’s the reason I already miss you…ㅠㅠ
So I will quickly sleep and wake up so I must must meet you guys!! Growing tall, to see you guys, it must be this, kill two birds with one stone! (I’m writing in acronyms) heh
SuA unnie told me not to grow!!! But I want to grow taller…Won’t I grow?? Maybe?? I won’t..?
But in my thoughts I have already failed…Kekeke, ha… You guys, don’t you know the dream I’m in charge of?
A dream of falling from a high place!! Maybe in my thoughts, wouldn’t it be a little wish to grow taller from the company?? Kekeke, anyway!! I don’t differ much from the average height of 19 year olds in Korea! I hope you’ll know that, keke
Aha, yesterday was Valentine’s Day! Were the chocolates given by Gahyonnie delicious?? (I’m doing aegyo..hehe) Keke, don’t be angry! Keke
The middle of February has already passed! While doing activities in February, I was able to celebrate my birthday and graduate enjoyable with you guys, so it was very, very, very, very, very~♩♪ good and enjoyable, and I was happy, and it was a February I can’t forget! You guys, what did you think??Keke, did you like it?? Did you?? Ah, like it~
It’s already 7! Everyone, did you spend the day well? Hehe, I spent it thinking about the unnies, oppas, friends, little siblings~~ So the rest of the day!! Let’s spend it thinking of each other and see each other tomorrow~~~~
So goodbyeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~ Make sure to eat dinner, and I love you~ I love you [in English]~ I love you [in French]~ I love you [in Chinese]~ I love you [in Japanese]~♥

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

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