18 August 2021 Park Jihoon and Dreamcatcher Test Negative for COVID-19 [Official Statement]

After two staff members of ‘MCountdown’ were diagnosed with COVID-19, the singer Park Ji-hoon and the group Dreamcatcher tested negative for the virus.

On the morning of the 18th, Dreamcatcher’s agency told TV Daily that “We had our artists take preemptive tests for COVID-19 after MCountdown’s staff members got diagnosed, and they all tested negative”. Park Ji-hoon’s agency also stated that “Park Ji-hoon got tested preemptively and tested negative”.

Park Ji-hoon took the test despite technically not being required to take it, as he was only present for the pre-recording before the live broadcast. After testing negative, both artists are set to continue their planned schedules. The statements come after the 17th, when it was confirmed that two members of the MCountdown staff were diagnosed with COVID-19.

All staff members of the program have since taken tests and have either tested negative or are waiting for results. All artists who were present for the broadcast on the 12th are being preemptively tested regardless of whether they were in close contact with the said staff members. The MCountdown broadcast scheduled for the 19th has been cancelled.

Reporter Hwang Seo-yeon

Source: MtvDaily

Translation by 7-Dreamers HojuneTL
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